Play him all game long...

Another small feature arrived in RedZoneAction.org.

In your Depth chart you will find a new tickbox, called "Player is first string". If you tick it, the engine won't substitute anymore, no matter what you set in your depth chart or match-settings. The player will play the whole game, except for injuries of course.

The engine will check first, if a First-String player was set for a position. If that is true, this player will be sent to the field. It does not matter, if there are more "first-string-players"...so if you have two QBs set to be "first string", the engine will always pick the upper one.

At the moment this settings is available for Friendlies and Scrimmages only - the new gameengines version number is 3.30. If this test is going to be OK, we will enable this feature for all games on the next season rollover.

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