Facebook integration, broken by Facebook

Lately we seen some trouble by different users when posting their game results or PRs to their Facebook profile.

So we doublechecked what is going on with Facebook.

After contacing Facebook the situation is still crazy, but more clear. Facebook forces us to use "Facebook Login" on our page in order to renew our link application. This means nothing else than "give us all your available user data or f*ck off".

This is why we will think about it which downsides it will create for the game if we use the Facebook Login option. Until we made a decision, you can use the Facebook integration at your own risk.

We won't accept any bug reports for this from now until the situation was solved either way.

Sorry for any trouble this might cause!


Engine 3.91 for all games from now on

After seasonrollover we usually activate new features inside the simulation engine we have tested for one or more seasons when simulating non-official games.

This time we made the following changes / improvements available for all gametypes:

- improved fumble returns
- less time consumption per play
- much less time consumption per play during the last seconds of each half

There were a few bugfixes as well, as every season.

Now, don't forget to adapt playbooks if needed. Keep in mind: we are simulating kind of a No Huddle Offense during the last around 75 seconds of each half.


Result of the Social Media Campaign - including the result for funding the Australian National Team

Earlier this year, we started another Social Campaign. We do this on a regular base, to improve our visibility in Social Media. This time, we added another task.
As told, the Australian American Football team is going to travel to USA this summer, to participate in the IFAF American Football World Championship. Now this is a team of amateurs, so someone has to cover the expenses for travel, equipment and so on. The guys asked the world to support them and started a Crowdfunding campaign at http://www.gofundme.com/outbackgridiron.
The task we added to our campaign: 10% of all purchases (Supporter accounts, Credits) here in RedZoneAction.org would go to the Australians. And here we go: you guys purchased for 477.23 Euros during the given period, this makes 47.72 EUR going to the Team. We will make it 50, and send the money during the weekend. In the name of all RedZoneAction.org managers we wish the team good luck, and a lot of fun when they enter the grid to fight for this hardware.

This is the time to have a look at the other numbers:

We had 395 followers when we started the campaign, now we have 476 followers. Thanks a lot! This results in 16 Credits, 1 per 5 new followers.

We had 89 followers, now the count is 94. 1 Credit!

We had 72 followers there, and now we are at 75. However, 1 Credit.

We checked for posts marked with the hashtag #RedZoneAction, and found 14. This results in another 7 Credits.

If we are not mistaken, this will sum up to 25 Credits. Since today is the first official game of Pete’s home-club Dresden Monarchs, we will round this up to 30 Credits for each single manager playing RedZoneAction.org.

Thanks a lot for all those who gave and still give us their support.