RedZoneAction.org user group meeting

Hi all,

A few days ago I received a picture and these lines, and want to share this with you!

Hi Pete,

After years of going back and forth with the Black Dragons who usually changes his team name to Michigan Wolverines for games that we might play against one another... We discovered first that we both really went to the schools in question. Much more interesting than this was the fact that we actually lived very close to one another, approx. 7km or 5 miles here in the States. We decided to meet for lunch at a very good Mexican restaurant about midway between our houses.

We had a great time talking about RedZoneAction.org and life in general. I think both our wives were more than happy to get rid of us for three hours to talk about RZA with someone other than them :) It was really funny to find out how much I had in common with Angus. We have the same number of children and siblings, we even have a very similar one hour commute to work.

Pete, you have really built a special game and community here. I thank you for that.

I am the one in the really good looking green hoody. And I can not really comment on his choice :)

Mike, spartans11, Michigan State Spartans


Thanks to spartans11 and angus for sharing the picture and the story with us!


Season 25 arrived, and with it some major changes

Out of position penalty during gameplay

The penalty for players outside the special team was raised again, as part of the plan to force managers playing their guys in the right spot.

Experience costs money

Step one to raise the influence of the players experience to the salary was taken. We will continue in raising this influence step by step during the next 2 seasons.

Day trading

We raised the taxes on selling players. The tax calculation is now based on played official games for the selling team. Details can be found in the manual.

Getting rid of retiring players

Once a player announced his retirement, the manager cannot fire him or cancel his contract, once the season kicked off. This means, managers have to make their decision until the seasons first Saturday morning (midnight server time). If the player offers to not retire for money, and the manager has taken his chance to avoid the retiring of a player, he is technically no retiree anymore, and can be fired, sold etc.

Playing odd playbooks / Tanking

We enabled the checks for tanking, for playing odd offense playbooks. These checks were active long time now, but only for friendly games. We liked what we have seen, and therefore activated the stuff for all games.

Once a manager was found guilty for Tanking, his "tanking level" raises by one. There are several things to happen once this hits a certain level. You can find more information in the manual. The tanking warnlevel is shown on the teams homepage, and is visible for all. The manager should take warning very serious. The most harsh penalty a manager could face is the permanent loss of income from tickets for the whole season due to the fans not liking odd football on the field.

Out of position penalty during training

We enabled an out of position penalty for the training as well. So, if the number of players to have training in a certain position group hits a certain level, the training progress of each player of such a group will drop to almost nothing. One coach cannot take care for too many trainees. The limits per position group are very high at the moment, and subject of further changes. Once a manager hits those limits, the training report will contain notices.


Intercontinental Elite Challenge Cup 3 - let the games begin...

Oh yes!

What have Alexshans84 (Check this out!) and JohnnyAce (Check this out!) in common? Both won the trophy of the so called Intercontinental Elite Challenge Cup series 1 and 2.

Originally invented by the great community member MTS1972, this is a huge competition. There are some Credits to lose, but great fun to earn.

And, who can tell "I received a real trophy from an Online game!"? Not many, I suppose!

So, how do we go on with it? Read more about this here: https://redzoneaction.org/football/index.php?page=community&subpage=thread&thread_id=100013334