Just remember, Credits for Ranking is still active

Once more we would like to remind you, that we still award Credits if our Ranking on OnlineSportManagers.com is climbing up the ladder.

What is your job? Easy:
- go to http://www.onlinesportmanagers.com/game-profile/football-140-red-zone-action/
- press "Best" to give the game some good rating
- press "Play!"

At the same time we are writing these lines we will send you just another 10 Credits, since our Rating on that page was going above 78.5%. The next 10 Credits are waiting for you, when we hit 79.5%. This opportunity is valid until end of May 2013.

By the way: Do you know we have fanpages on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. If you like you could be our follower over there.


Draft, changed mode of operation

Hello all,

the first gameday of the new season is over. We have seen some upsets, other teams are celebrating their game of the season already.

We would like to introduce you a change on the Draft, many of you were asking for it.

The Draft is now a 3 days draft, happening on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in the Pre-season. On each of these days there is 1 Draft round. After the processing of each round you can adjust your own sort-order again.

We hope to see some more fun, less disappointments due "I got 3 Punters", some banter on the forums as well.

At the same time the draft board sorting got an update, since we have seen some strange processing especially for users using the Microsoft Internet Explorer. We hope this helps, and ask you to report if you get strange messages out of the draft board. The Bugs-Area is the right one.

Enjoy the update, which will go live soon!


Season-roll-over to Season 8 done!

The Season-roll-over to Season 8 is done. If you have friends you would like them to join RedZoneAction.org, now it is the best time. We are looking forward to our Draft on Thursday, and on Saturday we will see the first official games...

In case you didn't know yet: in Help / Credits you will find your personal referral link. If you invite your friends by using this link, we will give you some Credits for free for each manager you invited and who is joining our wonderful community.


Changes for Season 8, Part 2


We will raise the penalty for out of size Youth Academy rosters. The manager has to pay now 500,000 per week, it was 100,000 in the past.


The Youth-pulls are now a bit different from each other, based on their age. Higher age means higher skills, basically. This means the manager has to make a decision on pulling such a Youngster: lower age, and therefore more time in the academy, or less time, but higher skills.

Season 7 is over now - Changes for Season 8

The season 7 is nearly over now, Congratulations to all Winners!

As always, we are going to prepare some small changes for season8, which we would like to introduce to you.


We added 3 Offensive formations (Singleback Big, Singleback Spread, Flexbone), and 1 Defensive formation (3-1-7). You can find more information in the Manual.


We made some slight changes to the formation balancing. Topic of changes are Shotgun 2 WR, Shotgun 4WR, Dime and Goalline D.


In the Playbook, there is now a more granular setting for the elapsed time. This should add a bit more flexibility. We know, this is not completely what we were asked for, just understand it as a first step.


The blitzing percentage for both LB and SF are now from 0 up to 25%.

More to come!


Best rated game in March 2013 - RedZoneAction.org, the American Football Manager

Hello everybody!

The page onlinesportmanagers.com awarded another trophy to the "Best rated game in March 2013". And once more, we were able to defend our position on top of that ranking. A big thank you!

Here is just a small reminder about our rating competition: For each percentage you drive our score higher and higher, Credits will be paid. At the moment we have a ranking of 77.58%. So what to do?

1.) Visit http://www.onlinesportmanagers.com/game-profile/football-140-red-zone-action/

2.) Click "Best"

3.) Click "Play!" - which redirects you to RedZoneAction.org

Thank you!

For pushing our rating above 77.5%, here the next 10 Credits are on their way to you!

One a side note: Keep in mind, we have Season Rollover this Sunday. Prepare your roster, check your Youth Academy for leaving Youngsters, and in case you are using the HR department, don't forget to check for expiring contracts!