The server made a boo boo.

Yes, one harddisc failed last night. The hardware guys replaced it, and we were able to recover without any loss of data. It seems to be up and running again. During the next few hours you might see slower page speed, until the recovery of the raid volumes completes.

Sorry for any trouble this might have caused.

Right now we are offline. The support team is on it.



Just another addict?

Today, I want to draw your attention to our fellow manager kharton99, manager of the Berinsfield Hornets. Being here from Season 7, the team is entering Elite League for the first time. And so it was just reasonable to come up with a video, showing the pre-season preparations of his team.


P.S.: When I started creating RZA, I hade really no idea what would happen. More than 7 years later I know: it was the right thing to do. Cannot imagine to miss such things...