Another representation of some numbers

The most important numbers a player can have during his career are now available in a breakdown by seasons. Just visit the players detail page and hit that brand new button...

Two new options for your playbooks

From the changelog: Engine 4.18 (Official) / 4.19 (Friendly): added "not behind" and "not leading" option to both Offense and Defense playbooks


HR Department - some changes

The HR Department closes at Thursday midnight before Season rollover. You have to finish all the contract work until that point. Once the Department closed, you cannot negotiate any further contracts for promoted youngsters, for Free Agent from the market and your own players. You will receive a warning via PM a few days before the Department is going to close.

If you like to switch back to skill based (aka non-contract-based) salaries, you can do so in the Settings area of the HR Department. You can switch on and off such closing request until the Season rollover happens. Once you request to switch off your Department it will become "demolished" at the next Season rollover. All your players will then receive salaries based on their skill progress. Keep the possibly negative influence on your teams exonomy in mind.

Flexbone...Wishbone...too much bones...

From Season 24 on Flexbone will be executed like Wishbone, and is kept here for compatibility of playbooks only!

Lost players due failed season rollover

On Sunday and Monday we failed with the first attempt to run the season rollover to Season 24. Therefore some players went to Free Agent, while they should have sticked with their teams. We enabled to turn these players into "Free Agents on Market". You can find these players in your roster history, under Chronicles. After your sent them to the market, you should be able to bid on them, and get them back to your team.

We refuse any further claims, since we think it was the Managers mistake not to set the contracts in time. And no, only because it was valid to set contracts on that Sunday in the past, it doesn't make it right. To manage a team means to come up with decisions in time. "On rollover Sunday" is not "in time".

And yes, it was Yodas fault to not run a clean rollover. However, even Yoda fails sometimes: “If into the security recordings aeh BACKUPS you go, only pain will you find.”

May the riots begin...