Exceeding your Coaching points limits?

Active from now on:

What happens if my team exceeds the allowed 550 Coaching points?

At each financial updat.e there is check for this. If your team exceeds the limit of 550 CP for your Assistance coaches, a warning will be sent to you. Here are the warnlevels and the financial penalties:

Level 1: 0 $
Level 2: 100.000 $
Level 3: 1.000.000 $
Level 4: 5.000.000 $

Once a team hits level 4, it stays there until it fixes the issue. This means, the penalty applies at each financial updat.e at that point. As soon as a team is fixing the situation, the warnlevel drops to "nothing".

On a personal note: if you find a way to exploit or break given limits, I would expect you to file a bug report, and not abusing it. If anyone has an idea how a team can have more than 550 CP, please come back to me via PM. Possible reward of a few Credits may happen...Thanks!


Bowls 2017 - Part 3

And the 2nd part of the bowl season is over.
It went mostly as expected.

Interesting event on Friday was that on Reddit some College Football guy did state that the FSU win over Delaware State could not count against the Bowl eligibility because they did not have 90% scholarships on the team.
FSU did do their homework and stated that Delaware State did confirm the 90% scholarships, including sports and academical scholarships.
The Reddit guy did only count the sports scholarships which were indeed under 90%, but FSU confirmed that also the academicals ones do count.
FSU had only 6 wins this season, so that win was very important and there were 2 teams left out of the Bowls with 6 wins, it's understandable that FSU did respond quickly.
For me this is interesting, since it shows that platforms like Reddit do have an influence.

Let’s have a look at the BLOCK OF GRANITE BOWL GAMES FOR WAVE 2

Tues. Dec. 19
Akron vs Florida Atlantic
@FAU Football Stadium - Boca Raton, FL
Destroyed, that's what Akron was.
As dominate FAU team did let Akron do anything.
With Kiffin signed for the next 10 seasons, the main question is now, how many of those seasons he will stay as HC of the Owls.
If he stays, the Owls will have a bright future, that's how it looks.
But chances are high that sooner or later a better paid job is offered to Kiffin and he bolts again.
His longest stay as HC was at USC where he was fired in his 5th season.
The Zips did have still a nice season and I hope they can bring that into the next season.
Akron 3 - Florida Atlantic 50 -> Jacks BOWL Score: 3-3

Wed. Dec. 20
Louisiana Tech vs SMU
@Toyota Stadium, Frisco, TX
Another big win here for my picked team.
LT did stuff SMU very efficiently and won this with a great margin.
For LT this might be a good starting poinr for next season, SMU has a new coach and we will have to see, which direction the team will take.
Louisiana Tech 51 - SMU 10 -> Jacks BOWL Score: 4-3

Thur. Dec. 21
Temple vs Florida Intl
@Tropicana Field - St. Petersburg, FL
The Owls limited the Panthers to a field goal and won this one to finish the season with 7 wins.
I think it is a good direction of the Temple team, which is in some kind of rebuilding phase.
FIU should not be desperate, the had a good season and might come up better next season.
Temple 28 - Florida Intl 3 -> Jacks BOWL Score: 5-3

Fri. Dec. 22
UAB vs Ohio
@Thomas Robinson Stadium - Nassau, Bahamas
As I feared the game was different that expected under the strange Bahamas conditions.
Ohio did dominate though out the game and won this.
Not a really bad ending for UAB, since the had a great 1st season after their shut down and reactivation, but I would have liked that season to end with a win.
Ohio can build on that win and maybe we see them back in old strength next year.
UAB 6 - Ohio 41 -> Jacks BOWL Score: 5-4

Fri. Dec. 22
Central Michigan vs Wyoming
@Albertsons Stadium - Boise, ID
Likely the highest point Wyoming will have in the next few season, when they won this game in style.
Their star QB will go to the NFL (he is a Junior) and the team will likely play worse next season.
But this game was the final statement.
CMU did score only 14 points while Wyoming did score 21 in the 1st quarter and kept then the opponent in check after that.
Wyoming finishes with 8-5 record, CMU also.
Central Michigan 14 - Wyoming 37 -> Jacks BOWL Score: 6-4

That's that so far, next games will be until Tuesday, so whole Christmas.


Sat. Dec. 23
Texas Tech vs South Florida
@Legion Field - Birmingham, AL
Since 2006 is this Bowl played and is fielded at the home of the UAB Blazers.
It's an American vs SEC game. If that does not happen, CUSA or MAC war taken.
And we have a American vs Big12 game. Congratulation.
The teams get around 900.000$.
Texas Tech did keep their HC, so we will have a offense powerful Red Raiders team playing against a well coached USF team, who's coach did a good job in his 1st season there.
Texas Tech is 6-6 and plays their 1st bowl game since 2015, USF has a 9-2 record with their last bowl in 2016 right at that spot here.
USF did play their bowl 2 times so far and won both.
The betting line is -2.0 for USF, so not much.
Texas Tech his a very good offense team, as mentioned, but their defense lacks strength.
USF did play good on both side of the ball, but came not through when it counted most, against UCF, and lost on a high scoring game.
Means, I expect a lot of points here.
Both teams can of cause win here, but I think USF has the edge.
The only thing which makes we think is that the Red Raiders should have a better talented roster, which might help them to stay in the game or to win.
I think Strong will prepare his team good enough to beat Kingbury, the team just has to make it happen.
Bulls win.

Sat. Dec. 23
San Diego State vs Army
@Amon G. Carter Stadium - Fort Worth, TX
Since 2003 is this Bowl played and they field it at the moment at the home of the TCU Horned Frogs in Texas.
The Bowl is inviting teams from different conferences, depended on the year and the contracts made with the conferences and with Army as independent.
This season Army and the Big10 are wanted, but Army and the Mountain West is became.
Each team gets around 675.000$.
Army is on a hot streak this season, 9-3 record, Commander in Chief Trophy won and the 2nd bowl game season in a row, which did not happen since 1984/85.
SDSU was supposed to challenge Boise State for the MWC-title (and win it), but lost some games and finished 10-2.
The betting line is 6.5 points for SDSU.
I think the Aztecs can run the table here, if they play it smart.
They are a better balanced football team, while Army has only a strong ground game.
So all in the box and then force a shootout.
I doubt it will be that easy, but I pick the Aztecs here to come up with a win.
Aztecs win.

Sat. Dec. 23
Appalachian State vs Toledo
@Ladd Peebles Stadium - Mobile, AL
Since 1999 is this Bowl played and its played at the home of the South Alabama Jaguars.
Mobile Alabama Bowl, GMAC Mobile Alabama Bowl, GMAC Bowl, GoDaddy.com Bowl and GoDaddy Bowl are former names of this 'buy yourself a bowl'-Bowl.
At the moment it is a Sun Belt Conference vs MAC Bowl.
Each team gets around 750.000$.
This season the matchup might be interesting.
Appalachian State (8-4) did win a share of the SBC, while Toledo (11-2) did win the MAC.
I did say instantly Toledo will win here, for me the only question is, how high.
Appalachian State is a good team on their level, but Toledo did stuff almost every team they met during the season.
The betting line is only 6.5 points in favor for Toledo, I think they will outscore that.
An explosive offense and a capable defense against a balanced team.
We will see.
Rockets win.

Sun. Dec. 24 - 8:00 pm ET
Fresno State vs Houston
@Aloha Stadium - Honolulu, HI
The Hawai'i Bowl is played since 2002 and each team gets around 750.000$.
It does team up MWC teams against a CUSA team.
Well, Aloha to an American Conference team from Houston, instead of a CUSA team, which will boost the level dramatically.
Fresno State won 9-4 so far, but lost the MWC Championship game, Houston is in rebuilding mode and finished 7-4.
Houston is favored by 2 points, I think that is close enough to have a valid point for every team.
Houston is a good team and they were strong last season.
They had ups and downs, and their conference strength at all should be a bit higher than MWC.
But Fresno State did win some tough football games this season and will likely play on a high level.
I still pick Houston to win here, since I expect a well prepared team and then the talent level should help to win.
Cougars win.

Tue. Dec. 26
Utah vs West Virginia
@Cotton Bowl - Dallas, TX
Played since 2011, don't get confused with the real COTTON BOWL game.
This is only played in the stadium named Cotton Bowl.
It's a Big10 Bowl facing off against a CUSA-Team or a BIG12 team.
Well, looks like they never get this done as intended, since they have a PAC12 team this season vs a BIG12 team.
Each team gets around 1.100.000$.
A nice matchup, open as is can be.
West Virginia (7-5) was a tough team this season, but had some booboos also, losing games they could have won.
Utah (6-6) on the other hand had a down season, but is also a dangerous team.
Utah gets the betting line favorite role with 6.5 points.
I pick here West Virginia to win.
They are a balanced team, do lack a bit of defense, but I think the time for preperation should help here.
Mountaineers win.

Tue. Dec. 26
Duke vs Northern Illinois
@Ford Field - Detroit, MI
The Bowl is backed from the Detroit Lions and therefore played on their home field. It's new since 2014.
This is a Big10 vs ACC Bowl but we got a MAC team instead of a BIG10 team.
Last season was the payout for each team 1.200.000$.
Duke is 6-6, NIU is 8-4.
My 1st thought on this game was 'boring', and it did not get better.
Duke is for sure a tough spot for coaching and recruiting, so a bowl season is still a great accomplishment.
Still this team was not that good this season compared to former one.
And NIU is right now only a shadow of their former self.
This was once a dominating team, went even to a BCS bowl, which was the 1st time for a MAC ever and now this team did not even compete for the MAC championship.
Duke is favored by 5.5 points, which is OK I guess, but I expect Duke to control NIU over the game and win here by 1+ score.
Blue Devils win.

Tue. Dec. 26
Kansas State vs UCLA
@Chase Field - Phoenix, Ariz.
This does operate since 1989.
It's played at the home of the Arizona Diamondbacks, a baseball team in MLB.
It does usually field a PAC12 Team facing a Big 12 team.
Each team gets around 3.325.000$.
KSU gets -2.5 here and I think that is also my impression.
Who will win here is a mystery.
KSU is a team which can win against very good teams and loses against bad teams.
UCLA did play a bad season and did hire Chip Kelly as new HC, but whether he will have an impact here is also a mystery.
I guess not.
So flip a coin and I guess anyone can win here.
I do pick KSU as the boring pick, but that just me taking stability over eventual momentum.
Wildcats win.

'Til next time


All Stars Challenge - Introduction

From now on a new feature is available in RedZoneAction.org, the so called All Stars Challenge.

The All Stars Challenge is a public game in your stadium, where you play against a selection of the best players and coaches available in RedZoneAction.org. It is kind of a Pro Bowl, but without any possibility of selecting the All Stars.

Once you agree to challenge the All Stars, the kickoff happens immediately.

There are different strengths available, so the All Stars can play relaxed, normal or "Match of the Year".

If you are able to win such an All Star Challenge, you will receive a trophy, based on the strength you have chosen for the All Stars.


Season 28 is there

Season 28 brings some changes on the ELO-based Morale hit. The manual will tell more details soon.

Beside that, there were some changes in the simulation engine, basically some balancing work (as usual).

Now, prepare for the Draft. And, do not forget to make your pledges on the Mediacenter - would be a shame to miss the early bird bonus.


RedZoneAction.org goes mobile

It was one of the most posted suggestions: create a version of RedZoneAction.org to use it on mobile phones and tablets.

And so we went for this one, and created exactly this: RedZoneAction.org mobile!

When you enter RedZoneAction.org, the page determines what would be the best for you based on the device you are using. You can switch between both versions by the small icon you see at the left side of the menu. The small mobile phone sends you to the mobile version, and the computer screen over there sends you back to the classic view.

Yes, both version are available at the same time, and there is no plan to kill the classic view.

There are some minor details not working in the mobile version now. The draft board is not available, and a few more functions do not work as well. We will spend some time at those features soon. However, 99% of the functions will work on both versions of the website.


Live Challenges...

From now on there is a new feature available...so called Live Challenges. Live Challenges are basically Challenges, hence the name. But, Live Challenge can be created nearly anytime, and as soon someone is accepting such a challenge, the simulation engine does its job, and you can start watching your game. For more info, hit the manual, the forums, or just give an immediate challenge a go...


We present to you: the trophy!

Oh yes, one thing left...

This is what notsch will receive within a few days...

Congrats again on winning the Intercontinental Elite Challenge Cup, series 3. His Landru Athletics have beaten 63 other teams. Therefore, he deserves this trophy.
Thanks to all teams participating in this special event. And keep an eye on the forums - maybe there will be a 4th version of this tradition started by manager MTS1972 a few years ago!


Season 27 is there, and withit some smaller improvements arrived

Oh yes, welcome to season 27!

We hope you have set your draft orders, since the first round of our draft is happening soon.

Meanwhile you could check out the playbook. On both offense and defense you will find a distance to goalline setting, which works now based on "any", "greater than" and "lower than". We hope this will make it much easier to create sophisticated playbooks.

The Mediacenter received an "Invite" button, where you could send messages to managers missing to make their pledges. Btw, the early bird bonus payment will happen soon as well, so make sure you "loaded" the Mediacenter of your league.


One last big game...IECC3

Yesterday, two more competitors got eliminated, and so Solana_Steve and Buzziano are not taking part in the cup any more. Let's have a look at the two finalists.

In the blue corner, there are The Red Star Goats, managed by Fincyril from France. In the red corner, from Germany, manager notsch and his Landru Athletics are waiting for the fight. Both teams met once for an official game in the past only. At that time, the Goats were able to win over the Athletics - tough it was a close one, back in Season 24.

Both teams are equal in terms of strength, while the Goats pay a little bit more for their players and coaches. So on coming Sunday 4 pm we will answer the question: will the real unique trophy travel to France, or will it stay in Germany, travelling only around 120 miles...


Purchase a Supporter Account by using Bitcoin/BTC?

Exactly! You could use the hyped virtual money called Bitcoin/BTC to pay for your 12 months supporter account.

Now, if you are not familiar with using Bitcoin or any other virtual currency, forget about this news, and use your usual ways of purchasing items on this Webpage. But if you are a little bit of a nerd, you might find the purchase via Bitcoin/BTC a nice alternative way.

We created a description of the payment process in our manual, the details could be found here: https://redzoneaction.org/football/index.php?page=help&subpage=manual&topic=Bitcoin.

By the way: since we do not have to pay any transfer fees, we offer a discount of 5%, so the price based on EUR is 18.95 only!

Early bird bonus: The first guys to go for a purchase by using Bitcoin will receive 2 extra months of the Supporter account. This offer is limited to the first 10 purchases, based on the arrival of the Bitcoin in our wallet. Interested: go for your purchase now...


You wanna join us, for our annual pick'em game at ESPN, right?


The years before we ran our annual pick'em game at ESPN, and we will do so this year as well.

We created a group already, for more information please join us in the Forums.

The winner if this pick'em - which usually was a close thing at the end - will receive a 3 months supporter account for free, and the runner-up will receive 50 credits.

So don't wait and join us!

Have fun!


We need more help with spreading the word...

We added a few simple things, and we changed some others at the same time.

Until now, you received 20 Credits if you were using your Referal link and someone found the game by using this link. We raised the number to 50 Credits per new user.

You were receiving 1 Credit for voting on OnlineSportManagers.com. From now on you will receive 5 Credits.

Yes, it was never easier to get Credits for free!

On your teams homepage you will find a share button. Using it, you can share the link to your teams page on Facebook. You won't just simply post a link! You will tell your friends about your achievements here in RedZoneAction.org.


Will this help with getting more users attracted to RedZoneAction.org? Tell us about your thoughts in the forum.

PS: Sharing this link in Google+ will work the same way. Just find your referal link in "RZA Store / Credits"


The Mediacenter - and some facts

The Mediacenter is active since yesterday, and these are the pledge goals per league, from today 2pm servertime.

As you can clearly see, some leagues are on a good way, others are not. Especially the Regional top divisions like Claymore 1 are struggling.

However, we would like to give you some hints what to do, and what to avoid. After the last changes, this chart below shows the possible return based on each leagues pledge goal percentage. As everyone can see, a league should be around zero loss (you get back what you paid) if the league hits the 25% mark.

A team can pledge from this point without any real risk. Due the changed math the team will receive back a good amount of money by wednesday morning. This means: if you have the moeny, go for it. If you have less than 50 million, go all in. You won't make a mistake here. Hopefully your league receives more pledges and you still earn a little money over the season.

If your league was able to hint 50% or above, why do you read this stuff?? All in is the only option for your. You cannot lose money, will receive back a good portion of money by wednesday morning, and your team will face a huge profit over the season...

We have a bit less than 36 hours until "cashback wednesday", why are you waiting?

Elite is right now at 91% pledge level. This means nothing else than each pledging team paid 50,000,000 per today, will receive back at least 13,750,000 on cashback wednesday (in less than 2 days!), and will make at least 27,000,000 PROFIT during Season 26. Nice one...


Change: you are allowed to cancel contracts on retiring players

Based on a community poll we made a change.

You are now allowed to cancel contracts for players who are retiring at the end of the season. This means, to use this you will have to enable your HR Department if you did not already. Managers not using the HR Department will have to stick with their retiring players until season rollover.

We thank our community for such a clear vote and are proud to fulfill your wishes. It is always a pleasure to receive such feedback and help. Thank you!


RZA Users meeting, next one

Today, the German Football community has seen another preseason game. This time, the Dresden Monarchs faced the Würzburg Panthers. The Panthers, 2 league levels below the Monarchs, faced a los, but have fought a touch match, heads up until the very last minute. Great morale, guys. Respect!

Why is this important? At the Würzburg Panthers, there is a guy involved called Stefan. The community of RedZoneAction.org knows him much better as Korberano. He is Line Coach für the Panthers. On the other side of the "LOS" there was Pete, doing the stats for the Dresden Monarchs. This means, the game was a nice preset for just another user group meeting.

Thanks, Stefan. Enjoyed our short talk very much! Good luck for your teams season!


Engine V4.23 friendlies only: better lopsided tactics check

Right now we enabled Engine version 4.23. This version improves the detection of lopsided tactics a lot.

Thanks to the notices we received from some fellow managers we were able to spot playbooks causing strange outcomes at gametime. You guys are my true heroes. Thank you!


RedZoneAction.org user group meeting

Hi all,

A few days ago I received a picture and these lines, and want to share this with you!

Hi Pete,

After years of going back and forth with the Black Dragons who usually changes his team name to Michigan Wolverines for games that we might play against one another... We discovered first that we both really went to the schools in question. Much more interesting than this was the fact that we actually lived very close to one another, approx. 7km or 5 miles here in the States. We decided to meet for lunch at a very good Mexican restaurant about midway between our houses.

We had a great time talking about RedZoneAction.org and life in general. I think both our wives were more than happy to get rid of us for three hours to talk about RZA with someone other than them :) It was really funny to find out how much I had in common with Angus. We have the same number of children and siblings, we even have a very similar one hour commute to work.

Pete, you have really built a special game and community here. I thank you for that.

I am the one in the really good looking green hoody. And I can not really comment on his choice :)

Mike, spartans11, Michigan State Spartans


Thanks to spartans11 and angus for sharing the picture and the story with us!


Season 25 arrived, and with it some major changes

Out of position penalty during gameplay

The penalty for players outside the special team was raised again, as part of the plan to force managers playing their guys in the right spot.

Experience costs money

Step one to raise the influence of the players experience to the salary was taken. We will continue in raising this influence step by step during the next 2 seasons.

Day trading

We raised the taxes on selling players. The tax calculation is now based on played official games for the selling team. Details can be found in the manual.

Getting rid of retiring players

Once a player announced his retirement, the manager cannot fire him or cancel his contract, once the season kicked off. This means, managers have to make their decision until the seasons first Saturday morning (midnight server time). If the player offers to not retire for money, and the manager has taken his chance to avoid the retiring of a player, he is technically no retiree anymore, and can be fired, sold etc.

Playing odd playbooks / Tanking

We enabled the checks for tanking, for playing odd offense playbooks. These checks were active long time now, but only for friendly games. We liked what we have seen, and therefore activated the stuff for all games.

Once a manager was found guilty for Tanking, his "tanking level" raises by one. There are several things to happen once this hits a certain level. You can find more information in the manual. The tanking warnlevel is shown on the teams homepage, and is visible for all. The manager should take warning very serious. The most harsh penalty a manager could face is the permanent loss of income from tickets for the whole season due to the fans not liking odd football on the field.

Out of position penalty during training

We enabled an out of position penalty for the training as well. So, if the number of players to have training in a certain position group hits a certain level, the training progress of each player of such a group will drop to almost nothing. One coach cannot take care for too many trainees. The limits per position group are very high at the moment, and subject of further changes. Once a manager hits those limits, the training report will contain notices.


Intercontinental Elite Challenge Cup 3 - let the games begin...

Oh yes!

What have Alexshans84 (Check this out!) and JohnnyAce (Check this out!) in common? Both won the trophy of the so called Intercontinental Elite Challenge Cup series 1 and 2.

Originally invented by the great community member MTS1972, this is a huge competition. There are some Credits to lose, but great fun to earn.

And, who can tell "I received a real trophy from an Online game!"? Not many, I suppose!

So, how do we go on with it? Read more about this here: https://redzoneaction.org/football/index.php?page=community&subpage=thread&thread_id=100013334


You ask, RedZoneAction.org answers...

From time to time we are traveling through the servers logfile. Usually we simply check the errors the server is sending to clients, just to improve the game. However, the most funny section of our server stats is about the keywords people use when hitting RedZoneAction.org by using a search engine. We want to share some of them with you.

am i a good size for nfl

Yes, for sure...wait, how can Google know your size when you don't provide any information?

i am 14 6ft and 230pounds

Stop with the candy...

can i be a linebacker at 6 ft 225

Yes, go for Madden...

what position does 5 9 and 200 pounds fit in football


i have 5 9 i can play in defensive end

Uh, pictures in the head...We cannot recommend playing IN the defensive end...


Wow, WE ARE THE WORLD WIDE WEB! Forget about search engine optimization...

average 11 year old boy football cornerback

Nobody signs average boys...nobody!

can 5 ft 9 inch play american football

No, dimensions don't play any games...

where is the red zone in football

Easy, here!

what position does a 5 10 240 lb football play

Stonehenge corner...

im 6 4 and i weigh 214 lbs

I'm sorry for you, pro!

https //redzoneaction.org/

If you take all the hurdle to type this into the search engines formular, why not just putting it directly into your browsers address bar?

so high i need money

Puh, me as well, mate!



can you make it to the nfl at 5 11 160 lbs

Not by asking google, stupid!

can you be a linebacker at 5 10

No, can you?

probability of roma gladiators making the playoffs

They will make it, for sure...

Oh, we could go on with questions like "I am XY, can I play Z", for years...Somehow we feel honoured to give the American Football Almanac to the world.





One and a half day later, the move to our new server hardware is done.


A new hardware - the day after

First of all: most services moved already, and the u p d a t e ran as smooth as possible from OUR (Yoda, Pete, me, the other me) point of view.

However, there are some small issues, we will fix during the next few hours. As far as we know, the page titles are a little bit strange for the moment. And there are some tasks to do on the backup system.

However, the gameplay itself should work free from any failure. If I'm mistaken, please file a bug report.


Too many players at one position

Starting with season 25 the number of players to join the training is limited. The limit is calculated per positiongroup (QB, LB, K, ...), and does not cover players in your academy or players within their "free position change" period.

If the manager exceeds the limit, the ability of the coach to run the training is limited, and therefore the outcome of the training. Limited outcome affects all players of such a position group, including players in your academy.

The limits can be found in the manual under "Training".

If such a limit becomes active, the manager receives a notice inside his training report and the Pinboard. Until season 25 starts, the notices are warnings only, without any effect.


Experience becomes a part of salary calculation for players

During the next few seasons we will raise the factor how the players experience will affect the players salary. From next season rollover on (season 25) we start with it, and will finish this process at season rollover to season 27. A 5 star experienced players salary will then by approximately higher by 20% compared to now.

Changed taxes on transfering players

Starting with Preseason 25 the tax for transfering players will change.

If a transfer is successful, the seller has to pay tax! The tax is 15%, if one of the following conditions is true at the time the final player transfer gets executed:

Players Age is less or equal to 18
Player is in the sellers Youth Academy
Sellers manager career started less than 120 days ago
Player was not bought from the Market

If the sold player is not covered by the conditions above, the tax percentage depends on the games he played for the sellers team. Only official games count here.

Games played, at leastTax percentage