One and a half day later, the move to our new server hardware is done.


A new hardware - the day after

First of all: most services moved already, and the u p d a t e ran as smooth as possible from OUR (Yoda, Pete, me, the other me) point of view.

However, there are some small issues, we will fix during the next few hours. As far as we know, the page titles are a little bit strange for the moment. And there are some tasks to do on the backup system.

However, the gameplay itself should work free from any failure. If I'm mistaken, please file a bug report.


Too many players at one position

Starting with season 25 the number of players to join the training is limited. The limit is calculated per positiongroup (QB, LB, K, ...), and does not cover players in your academy or players within their "free position change" period.

If the manager exceeds the limit, the ability of the coach to run the training is limited, and therefore the outcome of the training. Limited outcome affects all players of such a position group, including players in your academy.

The limits can be found in the manual under "Training".

If such a limit becomes active, the manager receives a notice inside his training report and the Pinboard. Until season 25 starts, the notices are warnings only, without any effect.


Experience becomes a part of salary calculation for players

During the next few seasons we will raise the factor how the players experience will affect the players salary. From next season rollover on (season 25) we start with it, and will finish this process at season rollover to season 27. A 5 star experienced players salary will then by approximately higher by 20% compared to now.

Changed taxes on transfering players

Starting with Preseason 25 the tax for transfering players will change.

If a transfer is successful, the seller has to pay tax! The tax is 15%, if one of the following conditions is true at the time the final player transfer gets executed:

Players Age is less or equal to 18
Player is in the sellers Youth Academy
Sellers manager career started less than 120 days ago
Player was not bought from the Market

If the sold player is not covered by the conditions above, the tax percentage depends on the games he played for the sellers team. Only official games count here.

Games played, at leastTax percentage