We need more help with spreading the word...

We added a few simple things, and we changed some others at the same time.

Until now, you received 20 Credits if you were using your Referal link and someone found the game by using this link. We raised the number to 50 Credits per new user.

You were receiving 1 Credit for voting on OnlineSportManagers.com. From now on you will receive 5 Credits.

Yes, it was never easier to get Credits for free!

On your teams homepage you will find a share button. Using it, you can share the link to your teams page on Facebook. You won't just simply post a link! You will tell your friends about your achievements here in RedZoneAction.org.


Will this help with getting more users attracted to RedZoneAction.org? Tell us about your thoughts in the forum.

PS: Sharing this link in Google+ will work the same way. Just find your referal link in "RZA Store / Credits"


The Mediacenter - and some facts

The Mediacenter is active since yesterday, and these are the pledge goals per league, from today 2pm servertime.

As you can clearly see, some leagues are on a good way, others are not. Especially the Regional top divisions like Claymore 1 are struggling.

However, we would like to give you some hints what to do, and what to avoid. After the last changes, this chart below shows the possible return based on each leagues pledge goal percentage. As everyone can see, a league should be around zero loss (you get back what you paid) if the league hits the 25% mark.

A team can pledge from this point without any real risk. Due the changed math the team will receive back a good amount of money by wednesday morning. This means: if you have the moeny, go for it. If you have less than 50 million, go all in. You won't make a mistake here. Hopefully your league receives more pledges and you still earn a little money over the season.

If your league was able to hint 50% or above, why do you read this stuff?? All in is the only option for your. You cannot lose money, will receive back a good portion of money by wednesday morning, and your team will face a huge profit over the season...

We have a bit less than 36 hours until "cashback wednesday", why are you waiting?

Elite is right now at 91% pledge level. This means nothing else than each pledging team paid 50,000,000 per today, will receive back at least 13,750,000 on cashback wednesday (in less than 2 days!), and will make at least 27,000,000 PROFIT during Season 26. Nice one...