All Stars Challenge - Introduction

From now on a new feature is available in RedZoneAction.org, the so called All Stars Challenge.

The All Stars Challenge is a public game in your stadium, where you play against a selection of the best players and coaches available in RedZoneAction.org. It is kind of a Pro Bowl, but without any possibility of selecting the All Stars.

Once you agree to challenge the All Stars, the kickoff happens immediately.

There are different strengths available, so the All Stars can play relaxed, normal or "Match of the Year".

If you are able to win such an All Star Challenge, you will receive a trophy, based on the strength you have chosen for the All Stars.


Season 28 is there

Season 28 brings some changes on the ELO-based Morale hit. The manual will tell more details soon.

Beside that, there were some changes in the simulation engine, basically some balancing work (as usual).

Now, prepare for the Draft. And, do not forget to make your pledges on the Mediacenter - would be a shame to miss the early bird bonus.