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You see these lovely chaps? On the left side: bwadders76, owner of Shard End Sharks. On the right side, you see his opponent in todays Wildcard game, Admirals league: Erdington Doleys managed by H1LL5. Both, sitting in the pub, having a beer each, and watching the game. It seems, the Doleys were busy with ordering beer while the Sharks made the game plan. The Sharks won 69:7 at their home, the Fish Bowl! Sandy Kang, QB of the Shard End Sharks had 8 passes for touchdowns, completed 34 passes for 522 yards.

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And the winner of our season 2017 NFL pickem is...

Congrats IMGregory, you won this seasons pickem!

Congrats Brewnoe, well deserved Runner-up.

Needless to say, it was as close as it could be. One point difference between the pickers on top of the table, quite nice!

See you again in August!