International Elite Challenge Cup Series 4 won by... jagreen!

A few months ago we started season 4 of our International Elite Challenge Cup. This annual tournament has become an integral part of RedZoneAction. Not only because 64 managers from all over the world are battling for the win...NO, it is so special because the winner is going to receive a real trophy. This hardware travels to wherever the manager is from.

In the past we have seen travelling trophies to Russia, the USA, and to Germany.

This time manager jagreen was able to beat 63 other teams with his Dalton Catamounts, and in a very close match vs. the Barmbek Cutbacks managed by Shanny, the Catamounts pulled of a win. The Cutbacks were able to make it a close game, but finished it being 4 points short.

Season 4...4 points short...OK.

So, this years IECC trophy will travel to USA, to Tennesee. This is where jagreen has his home. We will try all we can to make sure the trophy arrives during the next few weeks, and hopefully the postal service will do the job the right way. In return, we really hope jagreen will show the trophy around and brag a little bit with this shiny piece of metal. And, we hope as well to receive some pictures once the trophy arrived safely.

Thanks again to all managers who were participating in this tournament, and I am quite sure we will see a very challenging season 5 of this cup!


IECC4 - The Final

Old or new world? On Sunday a great journey comes to an end. While one team will look back and cannot lift anything into the air, the other team will win this thing, and receive a shiny, real trophy. Good luck to both teams!

IECC4 means Intercontinental Elite Challenge Cup. 64 teams from all over the world were trying hard to enter this final bowl game, but only 2 out of those teams were able to make it. This is series 4 of this great competition. What makes it so special? The winner receives a real trophy, no matter how far this trophy will have to travel...


Season rollover - Season 32 starts now

The season rollover is done. There are a few messages missing for retiring players and coaches, so please check your roster and staff twice not to miss any leaving players or coaches.

At the same time Engine 4.48 was enabled. Most important change beside some bugfixes: QB rushes. If you like to see your QB running the ball, just use your playbook and tell him to do so.

Good luck!


IECC4 - Final Competition - The last four...

We found the final 4 teams for our competition. Which if those teams will be the one to receive a real trophy?


IECC4 - Final Competition - Playoffs ahead!

Do you remember? A few months ago we started series 4 of our International Elite Challenge Cup. Yes, the tournament you can win a real trophy...

Now the competition enters the final stage. Playoffs!

Coming Sunday, 8 of the best teams are battling to get one out of 4 spots.


The Youth pull is different now. If your manager rank is below Top Manager or your Youth Academy level is at Premium, your Coaches will provide remarks on each of the players showing up during the Youth pull. The better your Coaches are, the better the predictions will be. But, of course your Coaches could be wrong with their prediction. But most of the time they know what they are doing. Btw, it does not matter which positions you have coaches for, your Coaching staff will provide remarks for every player.

Qb runs...

A QB running with the Football himself? This is no news...we have this RedZoneAction since almost the very beginning!

New: you can now control your QB runs by the Playbook! Just check it out. For now this is active for so called Friendly games only.