Some adjustments on the engine - time consumption

There were some minor problems in the engine, regarding the time consumption of Special team plays.

This is the way we will handle it for all matches with kickoff later than 2011-09-30 00:00

Fieldgoals: The clock is running

Punts: The clock is running

Kickoffs: The clock is running on the catch of the kick returner

PATs: no clock

At the same time we found a small issue with the playclock in overtime. Sometimes there was a reset to 0:00. This was fixed.

Since both things don't add anything / don't change the behavior of the gameplay, we are activating this u p d a t e midseason - without asking our community. We hope you agree on this.


New rule for switching the players position

This was added to the manual, please read:

"Each player has a position. You have to decide which position is the best for your players. In the player details you can switch the position. During the first 8 weeks of his career in your team you might switch the position as often as you like. After this period switching the position comes along with two penalties. The player will lose half of his Morale and half of his Team Chemistry. Please note the "Free Position change 'til" in the player details. It tells you when the period is over for switching positions without the penalties. You will get a warning when you attempt to switch the position outside this period. If the period is over the marker in the player details will not appear anymore. That 8 weeks period starts when you get your team, when you buy or draft players, when you negotiate a contract with a Free Agent, and when a Youngster is joining your Senior team. Players in your Youth academy can switch their positions without any penalty."

Manual Page: http://redzoneaction.org/football/login.php?page=help&subpage=manual&topic=Players


Skill driven Player salaries versus HR Department and Negotiation

When you look at the Top 100 Salaries table it seems most managers are afraid of using the HR Department due the one way thing - once you enabled the HR Department you can't switch back to Skill driven salaries.

So let's have a closer look at the HR Departments, the benefits, disadvantages and so on. First of all, the HR Department itself costs NO money. It is more just a switch - away from skill driven salaries.

Skill driven salaries are raising the player wages on each Season end, based on their training progress. This means your roster becomes more and more expensive when your players are getting better. If you refuse to use the HR Department there is nothing you could do against the raising wages, except firing expensive guys.

By using the HR Department you will have to negotiate a contract for each single player of your roster - except the youngsters in your Youth Academy. Of course this means some additional work each season, but it pays off! You could bind Drafts or Youngsters out of your Academy by offering them long term contracts - so called Franchise contracts. Those contracts are valid for 4 or 5 seasons. The number of Franchise contracts is limited to 5 per team, be careful who you offer one...

The regular contract offers periods of 1 or 2 seasons, + the actual one.

But what's the benefit?

Those contracts are cheaper than skill driven salaries. If you plan to develop a team of Superstars there is no way without having contracts! Simply, you can't afford it, even if your stadium is sized to the max, and no PR manager could do anything against it.

Once you decided to use the HR Department you will see a list of players, and some additional information like "Contracts expires in season X". And there is a Negotiate-Button. Hit it, and you will enter the negotiation chat with your player. Be careful, the player will have expectations about his contract, and he will try to get out the most of his contract. And now you can show what you are made of...are you a silly douche, paying millions to the waterboy? Or are you a badass, negotiating as the devil himself? But keep an eye on your Forecast!

Is there any backside? Yes! You have exactly 5 tries per season and player to get the contract signed. If you miss your 5 chances, the player will leave your team on next season end. So be careful not to miss the chance for the contract. And there is another thing you should keep in mind. If you plan to fire a contracted guy, he will ask you for some compensation, the amount is depending on the contract period and the money he got weekly.

Any other things you should know? If you are using the HR Department you might have a benefit on the Transfer market. If there is no bid on a Free Agent, you can negotiate with him during the last 24 hours of his transfer period. If the negotiation is successful, he enters your team immediately, without waiting for the transfer deadline.

Playbooks revealed - some information on how to get your special tactics working

Due it seems there are many mistakes I spent some time on the Manual, especially the Playbook section.

In the past this was the source of many misunderstandings. Today I added some more detailed description, some warnings for the handling of your playbooks and the containing rules, and I added 2 sample playbooks. Those samples might be a good point to start from. You could download them, and import them into your playbooks by using the import function.

It would be quite wrong if you just download and use them. You should try to understand them - and of course you should enhance them. Keep in mind, everybody knows what you will do on the field since the sample playbooks are public. This is why I added some comments in the manual, to explain you how the rules work and what the intention was to add them.

I hope this helps, really!

Manual: http://redzoneaction.org/football/login.php?page=help&subpage=manual&topic=Playbook


Training profiles

Training profiles were added, right now.

By using such profiles you can store different training regimes to switch between them easily. Supporters can have up to 10 different profiles, while users without an active Supporter account can use up to 2 different profiles.

If you load a profile and there are players on your roster you don't have settings in the profile for, you will get a warning.

Introducing Game setting profiles and Bulk game settings

Today I would like to introduce you two new features of the game.

Game setting profiles

You can now store up to 10 profiles for your Game settings. The profiles include the substitution settings, too. There is only one setting you can't handle this way: Play intensity

Bulk game settings

Once you created your profiles you could store a profile to several games - we call this Bulk game settings.

Both features are available for owners of the Supporter account only.


Two important changes in the engine

As discussed with the community we made two changes in the engine.

The defense formations 3-3-5 and 3-4-4 are using Defensive Ends from now, the Defensive Tackles are not in those formations anymore. This will lead to more blitzing when those formations are on the field.

Footwork is a full working skill from now. Tackles and Blocks will benefit from it.

Bugfix on formation, within season or after season rollover?


There is a bug on the 3-3-5 defense. It is using Defensive Tackles, while it should use Defensive Ends. This is really important, since the engine is using Defensive Ends only for blitzing.

Please join http://redzoneaction.org/football/index.php?action=jumptopost&postid=10980 and vote as described there.

Thank you.

Footwork - finally active

If all is working as expected we will introduce Footwork in the engine on this Wednesdays morning - since the majority of the community decided to put it online during the season.

At the moment all Tackle situations and all Blocking situations will benefit from it, but not as a primary skill.

Be prepared!

Forums more usable / player names database

As suggested RedZoneAction.org users can now set which forums should be included in the "Unread posts" notification.

Please refer to "Front Office" / "Settings". There you'll find a new chapter called "Forum settings". Just tick the box behind each forum you would like to receive notifications for.

Due the efford of the user "Buffalo" we were able to have many more countries in the player database. Now you can have even exotic languages for the names of your players like thai or african. This work combined with the data several other users gave to us we were able to create a name database within 2 weeks which covers most areas of the RedZoneAction.org world.

Player rating - slight changes

Just a general notice: we integrated Footwork as a skill into the players positional rating. Therefore you might see a small decrease of the players rating. This means nothing regarding the performance on the field, since Footwork is not enabled inside the simulation engine. Much more this is part of preparing the game for introducing Footwork within the next days.

Training profiles, how it should be? Join the discussion, please!

Hi, we are planning to introduce Training profiles, to make it easier for the manager to keep track of the different training options...We are not sure on some certain points, and would like to hear your opinion.

Please join the discussion: http://redzoneaction.org/football/index.php?action=jumptopost&postid=10244

Thank you very much for the input!

Footwork: it is on you

Please visit this entry in the Suggestion board, and tell us your opinion on how to handle the enhancement! The question is: should we wait with this new function until the season is over, or should we implement it as soon as it is ready?


New Draft ahead

A new Draft was scheduled and youngsters are waiting for getting signed.

Each manager should set the draft order to avoid missing the future superstars for the team.

Just check the Draft section.

New Feature: Player notes

On the player details page it is possible to add a short notice for each player you own. Those notices will appear on the players detail page, the player list, the training page, the HR department and the Depth Chart. The CSV and PDF contain such notices too.

Please notice: this is a feature only available for Supporters!

Server center in trouble

According to http://www.hetzner-status.de the server center seems to have trouble on routing the network traffic to outside. This confirms the trouble some of you have on accessing RZA.org.

I assume there is no other chance than to wait til they finished their work at Hetzner.

What a nice start: I am chosing the networkcenter of the year, and 4 days after my start they are going down. Shit happens. Sorry for any trouble this may cause you.

Players names, country depending

Today we introduced country related player names. At the moment there are names available for the following countries: France, Czech Republic, Germany, USA and Sweden. If you would like to rename your players, or if you would like to contribute names for a country we do not have in our database yet, please have a read on this:

Country depending playernames

Thank you very much, and a special thank you goes to the guys helping me with czech, french and swedish. Great job!

Some Discount on purchasing the Supporter account

Just for your information:

At the moment you will get some Credits for free when purchasing a Supporter account at RedZoneAction.org.

By using Credits you can do several things:

- Playing Friendly Games on all days of a week, with hidden stats to all other RedzoneAction.org members - like Scrimmages without public audience
- Organizing a Friendly Cup - this includes the chance of earning even more Credits when winning the Cup
- Watching the Matches in Gamecenter Premium
- some more...

Check out Help / Credits for more information!

Grand opening

Today, on the 2nd of September 2011 - with 1 day delay - RedZoneAction.org is opening its doors.

After nearly 2 years of development this American Football Simulation contains all important features needed for a proper experience.

I really hope you enjoy it.