Some changes in our economic rules

We will change some numbers in our economy, on next season rollover.

1.) Ticket sales on regular league games

For each league level below Top Division the ticket income (attendance) will be lowered to 85% of the level above. So at Top Division nothing will change, league level 2 will be at 85%. League level 3 will be at 85% of league level 2 attendance, and so on. This affects only attendance on regular league games without Playoffs and relegation. The sales on the fanshop on gamedays will automatically reduce too, since it is based on attendance.

2.) Sponsor money for weekly payment, cup-wins and league-wins will be reduced in exactly the same way as topic #1. Payments for Bowl wins, youth pull and draftees remains as it is.

3.) The effect out of form (losses) will be higher for league games. This means, for each loss out of the last 10 official games (no matter what type) we will reduce the attendance by 3%. Today it is 1%.

The Manual gets the u p d a t e on season rollover.


RZACenter: Week6 Episode 2

Berman: Hello all and welcome back for our second episode of the week and we have some action for you today from the Sea Devil 2.1 League. Alongside me as usual is Mike Ditka, Steve Young, and Trent Dilfer. We have a lot of action so let's get right down to it shall we. Ok Pats at Templars first quarter action and it's all Templars who strike first with a 27 yard field goal with 4 and a half to play. Pats down three with 4 to play and the screen pass not fooling anyone and Kimble picks it off and he could go all the way touchdown Templars 10-0 after 12 mins of play. Final play of the first quarter and the Templars have the ball on the Pats 38, and the Pats D is saying hold them to a field goal, but the Templars have other ideas, as with one 38 yard pass they put the final touchdown of the first quarter on the board. Second quarter action, four minutes in and the Pats get on the board with a 49 yard interception return from Uznovic, and it's 17-7 now but the Templars respond w
ith a drive of their own and with a 19 yard run increase their lead back to 17 points again and put 13 second half points on the board to win it 37-7, improve to .500 and are in second just 2 games behind the 6 and 2 meatballs in the AC East. The game everyone was watching though was once again the NC West leading Nitro Shock at home against the Seagulls. The Seagulls come into this game looking to gain some ground and be just 2 back in the NC East but as expected the Nitro Shock would have none of it, and literally no offense from the Seagulls, as the Shock put a routing on the 'Gulls, 48-0. Here now is the interviews from both the Gulls head coach and the Shock head coach

Seagull's Head Coach: Well what else can be said, we didn't play well, it's hard to win a game when you don't score and your defense can't keep them out of the endzone. Certainly expected more from our players but you take your blows and look to the next game.

Shock Head Coach: Well winning is always nice especially at home, but we weren't expecting to win that big but we will take it any way we can get it.

(C) By Warlord99


It is IPv6 day

For the geeks:

Since we celebrate IPv6 day today, I thought redzoneaction.org shouldn't be the last page on the web switching to IPv6.

You can visit the IPv6-page by using the address http://ipv6.redzoneaction.org.

Any feedback is very welcome!