Team Salary Status Summary

When you navigate to "Forum/Top 100 Salaries", there is a new button in the header, so called "Team Salary Status Summary".

This should help you making a decision if you should use the HR Department or not.


Manager rank introduced

The manager rank gives you an idea what your progress is about. Please notice: The mentioned limits are not hard coded, much more a Rookie Manager may hire as many Coaches as he/she likes, as example. This is much more an advice, you might follow or not.

Bloody Noob: Bloody Noobs shouldn't hire Coaches and Staff. It is not wise to fire or hire players at this stage. Facilities shouldn't get constructed, as the Fan Shop should be out of focus. The Youth Academy should stay at the basic level. It makes no sense to activate the HR Department now.

Rookie Manager: Rookie Managers could fire players if needed, and place bids for new players for up to 100,000. Up to 2 facilities can be build and the Fan Shop could be opened. This rank can be achieved by finishing the Manager license.

Junior Manager: Junior Managers could place bids on players for up to 500,000. They are allowed to hire 1 Head coach, and up to 2 Assistance Coaches. Building up to 4 facilities is within their permissions. Hiring additional staff like Doctors is possible. Opening the HR Department could become an important task. The Youth academy could be enhanced. This rank can be achieved by Rookie Managers if they build at least 15,000 seats in their stadium.

General Manager: General Managers could place bids on players for up to 2,5 million. Up to 5 Assistance Coaches could be hired. General Managers are allowed to build as many facilities as they need. Junior Managers have to build at least 25,000 seats in their stadium to become a General Manager.

Senior Manager: Senior Managers have no restrictions on bidding for new players, and up to 8 Assistance Coaches could be hired. General Managers could achieve this rank by building at least 50,000 seats in their stadium.

Top Manager: Top Managers face no restrictions from the Board. They are trustworthy and can act as needed, without any restrictions. This is the highest possible ranking a manager could achieve.

We hope this feature will lead to less economical problems, and nobody should complain about "I lost tons of money" when he ignored the warnings and hints given.


Vote: should we change the penalty for replacing a retiring Coach?

You can find the poll here: Vote: Coach replacing, penalty

Please vote over there, votings you do on the blog post itself won't count.


We have a WINNER - Picture contest

As you may know we ran a Picture contest. 8 users sent their pictures in, all of these pictures are related to American Football somehow. 34 users sent in their votes, each of them had 5 points to spread. We counted 167 valid votes.

And here is our number 1 (55 points):

Bill sent this one. It is showing himself, when he was in the age of an Youth Pull, so called early bird.

Bill, congrats for winning this competition. The price for the winner: 100 Credits!

Our runner-up sent this picture (42 points):

Pic was sent in by Andrew. The pics are from the semi pro team MOV ravens 2011 season, Andrew is acting with #55 on his shirt. He added: "Oh that big guy with the sweat/joggers pants on is my dad at 54yo old playing semi pro with me. I still love that goal line stand no points for the WV, Crash on that red-zone trip." Congrats for winning 50 Credits, Andrew!

The third place goes to (22 points):

Lorenz is the guy shown on this picture. It was taken back in 1994 during his career at the Kiel Baltic Hurricanes, one of the most successful teams out of the GFL, the German Football League (Semi pro). Congrats for winning 25 Credits.

bobcor won the 3 months supporter account out of the lottery. Congrats!

Thank you very much for joining.


Newbee guide - written by NYDOGS

A new guide is available to make the entrance into RedZoneAction.org much easier for new joining managers.

It can be downloaded here: http://redzoneaction.org/football/downloads/RZA_FOR_DUMMIES-1.0.pdf.

Special thanks go to NYDOGS, who has written this stuff together.


Short notice on the Seasonrollover

Please notice:

If you are running the HR Department (in Contract mode), and you win an auction for players, don't miss to give them contracts, immediately!

On Sunday we will run the season rollover, and all players having no contracts for the next season will leave your team.

It would be a shame to buy the new youngster for 50 million on Saturday, only to wave goodbye on Sunday to him...


Coaches and MOTY (Match of the Year)


We activated the effect out of Assistance Coaches for Friendly games. For more information on how it works please read this forum post.

There is a change on MOTY, only in Friendly games. The hit on Physical Condition will be higher by factor 1.5, and the advantage on skills out of MOTY is lowered to around 1.02-1.05.

As soon as these changes become true for all game types, we will u p d a t e the manual.


Picture competition

As announced, we finished the collecting of pictures for our Football related pictures - competition.

Now it is time for the jury to enter the scene...which means, each member of our community can act as jury member. Just enter the competition, and post your voting.

Enter the competition here

Thanks for joining.