Play him all game long...

Another small feature arrived in RedZoneAction.org.

In your Depth chart you will find a new tickbox, called "Player is first string". If you tick it, the engine won't substitute anymore, no matter what you set in your depth chart or match-settings. The player will play the whole game, except for injuries of course.

The engine will check first, if a First-String player was set for a position. If that is true, this player will be sent to the field. It does not matter, if there are more "first-string-players"...so if you have two QBs set to be "first string", the engine will always pick the upper one.

At the moment this settings is available for Friendlies and Scrimmages only - the new gameengines version number is 3.30. If this test is going to be OK, we will enable this feature for all games on the next season rollover.


One more in our trophy room

"One more, one more"...this is what "Master Yoda" was thinking when he read about the news: The Best Rated Game in June 2013.

"Another trophy I have, say Thank you I would like to. A great community you are, proud of you I am." - says former Quarterback of the Rebel Alliance, record-holding, breath-taking, professional Jedi Master Yoda. "You must feel the Force around you!"

Now let's move on...tomorrow we start another exciting season. We wish you good luck!


Season-rollover to Season 9 done - next task: 3-days Draft

Yes, the rollover to season 9 was done during this morning.

Now it is time to prepare for the draft, which starts in Wednesday. This time we are using the brand new 3 days draft for the very first time. This means we draft the first 32 youngsters on Wednesday morning servertime. After that, you get a chance to adjust your draftorder again, and the second round of the draft will run on Thursday morning servertime. Again you might want to adjust the draftorder for the left 32 youngsters, before the 3rd and final round of this seasons draft will run on Friday morning. During Friday you could integrate your Draftees in your team, the league games will then start on Saturday. This is a busy week in a managers life...

We wish you all a lot of fun.


Server operational again - Performance issues might happen for the next few hours

Hello all,

the server hard disc got replaced, the disc arrays are rebuilding now. During this rebuild it might be very well the server will respond slower than usual.

The whole maintenance should be done sometimes at 10 pm GMT this evening.



Server fault

Dear managers,

one hard disc out of our RAID failed. The harddics will be replaced during the next few hours. This might cause another short downtime.

Thanks for your patience, and sorry for any trouble this might have caused!



Social Media Campaign #2 - results

Independence Day is over now. This means, we have to look at our Social media Campaign and its outcome.

1. Facebook
Count at the campaign start: 231, current count: 281

50 new Followers = 10 Credits

2. Google+:
Count at campaigns start: 78, current count is 95.

17 new "Pluses" = 3 Credits

3. Twitter:
Count at campaigns start: 66, at the moment we have 80.

14 new Followers = 2 Credits
5 Tweets with #RedZoneAction = 5 Credits

If I am not mistaken, this sums up to 20 Credits...we give you 5 on top, so 25 Credits are on the way to you right now.

Thanks you very much for participating!

What can you do with these Credits?

You could play Scrimmage games as example. This is a great opportunity for checking tactics or how Youngsters behave on the field. You can have as many Scrimmages per day as you like, just check this out under "Games" / "Scrimmages".

Why not joining a Friendly Cup, and play your "own league" with some friends maybe? By using Credits you can create your very own league, just check it under "Games" / "Friendly Cups"!

There are some more reasonable ways to spend your Credits - you have plenty of them now. Read more...