Youth Academy - the next level

As discussed and announced in the forum...here we go.

The Youth Academy received another level. That level changes nothing on the chances you have to send Youngsters to your Senior team, and the number of Spots for Youngsters is the same.

It just adds another Youth pull, so you can chose from 1 out of 7 Youngsters. And, it adds another 5 Extra Training Points you could spend weekly.

But most important, on each training all your Youngsters receive a small boost in Team Chemistry and Experience.


It is end of March now


Two days ago we told you we would award you some Credits if you push our Rating at http://www.onlinesportmanagers.com/game-profile/football-140-red-zone-action/ over 72.5% until end of March 2013.

Today we checked our rating on that site, and found we are at 72.69%. This must mean we have end of March now...

Thank you so much - these 30 Credits for each of you are on the way. Spend them wise, by arranging a Friendly Cup maybe, or by playing some Scrimmage games.



Wow - too much of it (not really)

It is only a "few hours" ago when we informed you about being awarded with the title "American Football Game of the Year 2012", by OnlineSportManagers.com.

Here is the next one: Most popular game in January 2013.

Again we would like to say Thank You!

At the moment we are at 71.27% in our ranking on that site. If you can push that rating to more than 71.5% until 1st of March 2013, we will send out 10 Credits to each of you! And, if we can make it over 72.5% until end of March 2013, another 20 Credits are waiting for each of you, dear followers! It is important to set the rating - probably "Best" ;) - and to use the "Play!" button too.

Happy Voting!


RedZoneAction.org - American Football Game of the Year 2012

As every year the website Onlinesportmanagers.com is electing the game of the year per sport category.

We are proud to tell you we won - the title American Football Game of the Year 2012. This is a confirmation for the work we have put into the game, this is a confirmation that we have the most friendly community here, and it is a confirmation we are on track with this baby.

Basically, we wouldn't have won without your help, your votes, your reviews, and your passion. So the big Thank you goes to you.

The news can be found here: http://www.onlinesportmanagers.com/article/107-american-football-game-of-the-year-2012-red-zone-action/, and if you feel to push our rating, just click here and vote for us again.


FBS Offseason 3 - recruiting class rankings are ridiculous

Here I am again.

Last week was national signing day and it went as expected regarding the hype and the media coverage.

For those who are not very familiar with this here is the short explanation.

Image a draft in the NFL without rounds and with 125+ teams choosing players out of a pool of thousands.

But here is the hook: The player decides where he wants to play, not the teams.

So for the very good players this is more a solicitation by the schools towards the players.

It all starts normally in the summer of the players’ junior year, means; he has still 1 season to play on high school level.
In the past did the player or the coach of that player build a video and some other material about that player and send it to coaches or scouting units of colleges to get the attention.
Today it is a more or less done online, even extra web pages are built to present a player.

There are a lot of college football teams out there and there a way more high schools to feed them with talents.
So the trick is to get the attention of the big college football teams, since they do provide the chance for a further career and they can give out scholarships.
Not all levels of college football do give out scholarships, so if you want a free ride, you better be good or at least make someone believe you are.

If all went well, the player gets scouted while he is playing in his senior year.
Sometimes this process starts earlier, since some talents just can't be ignored a full year or even more.

Those college do normally send out a sign of interest to players (like a letter which describes the interest or even a call or sms from a coach is possible, but all this is regulated and of cause there are violations to that regulation every year) and the really good ones normally have A LOT of schools asking them to play for them.

Most of the recruited players do sign a letter of intent on national signing day (in February, so AFTER the senior season), which is a binding paper between the college (giving him a scholarship) and the player (selecting one single school and all other are out of the race).
Some do sign this paper earlier, because they did graduate earlier and did chose the college already then.

Now here comes the thing which is ridiculous from my point of view.

This whole process is basically all over the media.
There are recruiting agencies and websites posting rankings and ratings of those players (starting with "not ranked", 2 Stars, 3 Stars, 4 Stars and 5 stars), personal information on those players, the more the better, high school info, interested colleges and much more.
On top of that there are rankings of the colleges, who do of cause announce every signed letter of intent and even when a player only commits without signing it is announced (and of cause it happens that players or universities do change their mind).
This all does climax on the national signing day, when the hyped race for the TOP recruiting class is on and at the end there is more or less a winner (of cause do different recruiting services rate players different and the list of signed players does then result in different scores .. we have a winner .. or two ... or three ...)
All those players are more or less reduced to their ranks, except when they are on TV to show their chosen college by wearing a brand new cap of them.
Sometimes even the decision announcement is presented in TV by choosing a cap ...

Now tell me, how can an 18 year old kid NOT get a total hybris by this process?
They are stars in their high school team and then they get national television time for choosing a cap ...
No wonder some of them do think there is no law they can't break without consequences.

The most ridiculous thing from my point of view is the ranking of the schools.

There is a list of all schools ranked and it's always a big thing who is #1 and who is in the TOP 25.
Because this must be a sign for a title contention in years to come or something like this.

Don't get me wrong, if you make that TOP 25 list, you probably have a lot of good players on your team.
But there is more than recruiting some probably good players (because some do not deliver, as in the NFL the early round picks).
You have to bring them all together to play as a team.

Let's take a very popular dark horse of the last few years: The Boise State Broncos.
They are a team of a very small school (in the football universe, the school itself is huge) in Idaho.
They did rise in the public eyes in the last 10 years by spectacular games and wins.
They did play in the Western Athletic Conference from 2001 on, which is a bottom level conference.
They did win the conference title since 2002 to 2010 in every year except 2007.
Since 2011 they play in the Mountain West (a mid level conference) where they won the championship 2012.
They finished in the polls since 2002: 15th, 16th, 12th, unranked, 5th, unranked, 11th, 4th, 9th, 8th and 18th. Of all 120+ Teams.
They played in a bowl in EVERY season since 2002.
They played in BCS-Bowls in 2006 and 2009 (which they won both).
They are well known for beating teams from BCS-Conferences and even if they lose, they fight to the end and normally don't lose with a high margin.
So, this is one fine football team in my book.
Some may say, a bit hyped but the DO win and the DO win often.

Ok, Ok, here comes the finishing line:
Recruiting ranking for them since 2002: 75th, 73th, 72th, 73th, 78th, 57th, 64th, 60th, 97th, 65th and 56th.

Now tell me, what's wrong in this?
According to the recruiter they were NEVER a TOP 50 team, but on the field they did not only win, the did win regularly and did beat teams, which had recruiting classes in the TOP 25.

2013 they have the first time ever cracked the TOP 50 as #46 in the recruiting rankings.

And there are of cause a lot of examples with teams out performing their bad recruiting ranking and of cause way more teams UNDERPERFORMING their excellent recruiting rankings.

For me, this is every year a media driven hype.
What I do every year is, I look at the end at the recruiting rankings and most of the time I see a few team of which I think "Well, you did again have a high value recruiting calls together, as last year and the year before. So why do you suck so much ... LOL".
More or less.
Of cause you find the national champions ranked high on that list, that's not the point. The point is, that the ranking itself does not say anything.
It was and always will be the coaching stuff which builds a team, not the recruiting ranking.

‘Til next time


2 suggested changes come true

1.) You asked us to create a Facility Manager, so the Stadiums Condition stays "top" automatically. We added such a new Staff-member. Here is the description form the manual:

The Facility Manager takes care about your Stadiums Condition if you hire level 20. This will result in an immediate repair of all damages caused during the game - that way your Stadiums Condition will stay at 100% automatically. The costs for the repair itself are the same as without the Facility Manager. Be careful, the One time fee for the repair itself is charged on each homegame that influences the Stadiums Condition. There are only two levels of the Facility Manager available (1 and 20). 1 means no automatic repair.

2.) Managers having a Manager-rank less than Top-Manager will receive on warning if they attempt to bid on players on the Transfer-Market and the players weekly wage is above $80,000.


Transfermarket - a small change, with some impact

Today we changed the mode of putting Free Agents - Players without a team - on the Transfer Market.

The first change is just about the numbers of Free Agents looking for a new team. We raised that number.

The second, more important change is about the quality of the Free Agents. We will send some "gold" to the Transfer Market each morning. These Free Agents might have high Physicals, or good traits or other nice skill-combinations. There are only a few each day.

We expect to see more cash changing hands, and we expect the pricing to get a little bit lower, since there is more quality available. This should help especially newer managers, since they might be able catch the veterans by having a serious chance to buy these Free Agents for low money.


Slovenian translation added

Well done, Laudan!

Laudan translated the whole RedZoneAction.org game into Slovenian language. A big Thank you goes to our slovenian friend. We activated the translation today for all users.