Happy Halloween

Yep, as the background tells it...this night it is Halloween!

Basically the Irish celebrated this one during the last few hundreds years. Halloween was created from All Hallows' Eve.

When the Irish emigrated to America, they took their cultural things with them, so it became an American thing in the 19th and 20th century.

Nowadays, usually kids are celebrating that they by walking in costumes around the block, ringing the bell of each house, just to ask for candy in a more or less peaceful manner.

We cannot give you some candy, this is why we will send a few Credits to each of you. Have fun.


Season-Rollover to season 6, part 4

We changed the behavior of Scout reports for Draft players. Such reports are now without any costs, and they don't count on your weekly Scout report limit.

At the same time we extended the output of that Excel-sheet containing your Draft players. You can download it from the Draft Board if you own a Supporter Account. It shows now all values you know from the Scout reports, and that includes the unsharpening of skills based on the level of your Scout.

These changes should make it easier for you to scout the Draftees.


Season-Rollover to season 6, part 3

There new season 6 is there, 5th season is history now. We would like to thank the suckers from the German Telekom for interrupting our internet connection again and again. Finally we had to restore the database from the backup we created right before starting the rollover-scripts. This took longer than expected. However, we finished this task with success, 2 hours late...

Now we would like to mention some news around the engine. As some of you may know already, from now on Engine V2 is active for ALL games. This includes Friendly-Cup-Games, no matter if the cup was started in the old season or not. Be careful!

What's new?

- formation relations:

A matrix of offense and defense formations was created to give bonuses/disadvantages on selecting the right/wrong Defense formation for a certain Offense formation.

- better defensive backs on long plays (todays update)

The Backfield, especially the Safeties lost their battling against the attacking receivers and rushers. This is the reason we gave the Safeties some more "tackling power" in such situations.

- changed way of playbook-based assumptions

In the old engine these assumptions are limited to plays covered by playbook-entries of the Defense, in the new engine this limit is not there anymore

- the blitzing

...got an update, just for the math in that, not the result itself

- the long pass calculation

...was rewritten, and there was a small tweak on that to be operable with this changes Safety-Balance

...some more tweaks, bugfixes and so on

So for now: Enjoy the new season, don't forget to switch your playbooks, and sign a new sponsor...


Season-Rollover to season 6, part 2

Here we go to announce another another change - we did that already some weeks ago.

Starting from Season 6 there is a new element, called Stadium Condition. If the manager has the rank of being a "Top Manager", this Stadium Condition is going down by 2 percent for every game played at home, that is generating income - except friendly games. The attendance gets reduced on gamedays when the stadium is in bad condition. A Stadium with 0% Condition is reducing the ticket income to 50% - you see this is quite an impact.

You can fix your stadiums condition by going to the Stadium-section. There you'll find a repair-button, and an offer for how much the repair will be. The manager has to pay the amount of $20 per seat, $200 per Executive seat, and $2000 per VIP-Box. The total amount will be reduced by the Condition-value. A 50% condition means 50% costs, the numbers above therefore are valid for 0% Condition. All functions are working linear, so the math should be easy. Keep in mind: there is a Onetime Fee per Repair-session, it is $100,000. The repair of the stadium happens immediately on pressing the repair-button.

Season-Rollover to season 6, part 1

Here wo go, writing about a few updates, enabled on this sunday - during the season-rollover to season 6.

We added so called Player-trophies. At season-rollover these trophies get calculated global, per region and per league. The best 3 per position receive a award, and this award is shown on the player details.

We calculate these awards based on the performance shown on the field in league games of the past season, and only the regular season games count.

The manager of such a player will get notified via PM, and there is NO additional benefit like money, better behavior on the field or anything else....just a trophy.

At the moment these trophies are presented as text only, our Head of Design is working on a better looking version in the background.

We stand corrected: it should be NO additional benefit. We are sorry for any confusion this might have caused!


Season-Rollover to season 6, part 1

Here wo go, writing about a few updates, enabled on this sunday - during the season-rollover to season 6.

We added so called Player-trophies. At season-rollover these trophies get calculated global, per region and per league. The best 3 per position receive a award, and this award is shown on the player details.

We calculate these awards based on the performance shown on the field in league games of the past season, and only the regular season games count.

The manager of such a player will get notified via PM, and there is additional benefit like money, better behavior on the field or anything else....just a trophy.


Week Nine FBS Preview - Scheduling for beginners ...

Let's make an experiment.

I show you two schedules and you think about winning the better part of the games.


You team is Ohio (Bobcats, from the MAC) and it plays

@Penn State,
New Mexico State,
Norfolk State (FCS),
@Miami (OH),
Eastern Michigan,
Bowling Green,
@Ball State and
@Kent State.

Before the season, what would have been your guess?
I think nobody did expect a win @Penn State but the rest looked manageable, right?

Toughest games in the MAC were supposed to be @Miami (OH) and that Bowling Green game at home.
Now, a few games played, the Bobcats are 7-0 (they did win that Penn State game, as you might remember) and at the moment it looks like the toughest games ahead are Bowling Green, Ball State and Kent State.
The Miami (OH) game this week is also critical (which game is not?) but those three teams I mentioned do all have better records.
Problem here is, the last games are AWAY-games.
So this might get your team into trouble, since it makes the games tougher (ask South Carolina).

Ohio is still the favourite to win this division of the MAC, but it might happen that the Division Title is on the line right at that Kent State game, at the end of the season.
And that is played as an AWAY-game. Tough. This kind of schedule can destroy your season.

Let's switch the schedule and get to the second schedule:

You team plays

Penn State,
@New Mexico State,
@Norfolk State (FCS),
Miami (OH),
@Eastern Michigan,
@Bowling Green,
Ball State and
Kent State.

Same schedule, only switched game sites.
Before the season started, you probably would have worried most about that Bowling Green game.
Suddenly that Miami (OH) game is at home and doesn't look that tough anymore and even the visiting Penn State team seems in reach.

Now we assume the Bobcats would have won also the first seven games, which would be possible.
Which games would be the most feared, now?
Still the last three games, right?
Well ... at least I think yes, but now that Bowling Green games gets the main focus and if this Division Title would be still be on the line on the last gameday, great, we play AT HOME.

Schedules in College Football are there to build or destroy championship hopes.
Of cause, if you want to win it all, you have to WIN all games, but win it all isn't always the same in the same conference or division.

Let's start with the single list conferences.

Big 12, Big East, Western Athletic, Mountain West and the Sun Belt.

The Big 12 has 10 teams and every team plays all 9 other teams.
The Big East has 8 teams and every team plays all 7 other teams.
The Western Athletic has 7 teams and every team plays all 6 other teams.
The Mountain West has 10 teams and every team plays 8 other teams. One team is not played in a season.
The Sun Belt has 10 teams and every team plays 8 other teams. One team is not played in a season.

For the conferences which play every team, it's hard to hide your strength or weaknesses, but still, home field games and away games are essential.
In the Big East and Big 12 it means every second year you have one more home game than an away game. Great.

Some teams, like Oklahoma have a very good record at home, so every second year you might have a problem for your unbeaten season plan to win the Big 12.
Kansas State DID win in Oklahoma this year, the only loss Oklahoma suffered this season so far. You have to respect that effort by Kansas State.
But what would happen, if they rematch now or the game would simply just be played in the next few weeks?
I think Oklahoma did grow since that defeat and Kansas State would have a hard time winning now.
So timing and the game sites are important.

Of cause not all game dates are plan able to fit into your wish-a-championship-season, but you can try it and you can bring your team in the position to have better chances of winning, than a year before.That also includes recruiting processes and redshirting players, so they are available for 5 years in the best case.

That early game at Oklahoma might give Kansas State the BIG 12 championship and a shot for the National Title.

It's getting even better, if you have a rotating schedule like the MWC or the SBC.
Wouldn't it be nice to simply AVOID a game against the second best team?
That's not talking like man? Might be, but you can sit on your coach on new year and be proud of your man talk, while my team plays in a bowl AFTER it won a championship in the conference.
Of cause it sounds like backing off from a fight, but at the end, you need the wins, not the fights.

In that rotating schedule case you don't have full control over such scheduling, but once in a while you not only get lucky by playing the toughest team at home, no you just don't play them at all.

The other conferences are best suited for that.
If you have 12-14 teams in your conference and only 12 gamedays with around 3-4 non conference games, you have to play some team only once in a while.
Normally they have a rule, which says, play all teams of your division (5-6) and then some of the other one (2-3).
Great. Some teams have a lucky season and do avoid the toughest teams from the other division and play the toughest teams from their own division at home.
It's not getting better than that.
Others do have the opposite. Play ALL tough teams and most of them NOT at home.

Of cause this is a black and white view. The reality is most of the time somewhere between those scenarios.

But take OleMiss this season. OK, the are not the biggest fish this season in the SEC, but they KNEW it will get hard, when they had @Alabama, @Arkansas, @Georgia and @LSU on their schedule.
That Arkansas game got a little bit downgraded now, but still ... No hope winning most of these games, if even one.
But NEXT season, this team will probably play all division rivals AT HOME and probably NOT Georgia.
Looks like the Rebels have a shot of being much better next year.

Take the North Carolina Tar Heels in the ACC as a positive example. They play VT and GT at home, which is great for them and they avoided Florida State AND Clemson from the other division, playing NC State and Maryland at home and Wake Forest as an away game.
It won't get much better.
OK, the Tar Heels, with a new coach, did fumble the Wake Forest game and even worse they did lose against Duke.
Still, they CAN win the Division and CAN win the Conference, means Championship and a BCS Bowl.
I doubt it, but who knows ....

And to complete the schedule talk, you can pimp your championship hopes with well placed non conference games.
And here it depends on your character.

Take a pushover and boost your win total, even an FCS team doesn't hurt you much; at least if you are in the SEC (see Florida).
Or you take a risk and play a bigger program, like Alabama did against Michigan on the first gameday in Cowboys stadium.
If Alabama had lost that one, be sure they would be somewhere BEHIND LSU in the BCS-Rankings now, somewhere at #7-#10.
That game was a risky one, but Saban is not stupid, did gamble a bit and it payed off.
Alabama is undisputed #1 since day 1.


I hate this weekend. You know why? It's mid season and all those little injuries are piling up, all the momentum does add up and there are a lot of games this week, which have UPSET POTENTIAL all over it.
And i'm not talking about the BIG games, I will show you soon.
No I talk about the smaller ones, like Iowa @ Northwestern.
The Hawkeyes are really GOOD in spoiling games like that.
Northwestern is favourit and probably will win, but Iowa did in such situation often spoil the day.
Hate it.

OK, I can't change it.

#2 Florida vs #10 Georgia
The SEC East comes probably down to this game.
If this would be in Athens, Georgia at UGA territory, I would second guess my pick and might even pick Georgia, but this game is played in Jacksonville, Florida since ages.
Not the home of the Gators, but still in Florida.
Last year, the Bulldogs won and snapped a 3 game losing streak in that rivalry.
This year, I expect a Gators win.
They are so good on defense, this shaky Bulldogs offense will be held in check and those two Runningbacks of the Gators will simply put the game away.
Florida will win the SEC East, Period.

#14 Texas Tech @ #3 Kansas State
Texas Tech did sneak into a very good position.
Had anyone seen the Red Raiders at #14 at that point?
But they are in a bad position to extend their winning streak this week.
First of all, the have a defense with lots of issues. You can't affort that against this KSU Offense. I smell lots of points by KSU.
No problem in the past, TTU just had to score MORE, right?
And there is the second problem.
KSU has a very good defense and I can't see them giving up THAT much points.
Wildcats win ahead.

Ohio State @ Penn State
The Buckeyes maybe have enough issues right now to stumble over a rebuilding Penn State team.
Ohio State does play good, but the last few games where not A-game calibre, by far.
They did survive Purdue, but Penn State did win all games, after those two terrible losses at the season start and they might be focus enough to win at home against the Buckeyes.
I'm leaning towards Penn State, it just feels right.
At home; on a high note; big name opponent in a rebuilding year.
Hollywood, please make notes.
Penn State will win.

#5 Notre Dame @ #8 Oklahoma
As already hinted, I think the unbeaten streak of Notre Dame will end here.
And it is not because of their Defense. They will probably be fine, but they might have to take more points than this crappy offense can produce.
Except the Navy and the Miami game, they just scored 20 points max in each game.
Against teams, which did get a lot more points by other teams.
If Brian Kelly gets his team to win this one, I believe they are contenders, for real.
But as long as they don't get their offense on track, I can't see them in the TOP 10 of the BCS standings.
We will see ...
Sooners win expected.

#11 Mississippi State @ #1 Alabama
This can be crucial.
It’s getting hotter for Alabama, they have to play better teams now and those Bulldogs did win against Auburn, Kentucky and Tennessee.
That's not much this year, but enough to push them to #11 right now.
On the other hand, Alabama did win against Michigan, Ole Miss, Mizzou, Tennessee and this Non-Playing-Arkansas-Team.
That's also not THAT much. Not enough to really evaluate the strength of Alabama.
No question they are good, but THAT good?
This game will be the first hint and I think the home factor will help them big.
Expect a nice game, with a win by Alabama and then get ready for the REAL TEST @Death Valley.

‘Til next time


Week Eight FBS Preview - Coaches ...

This week I would like to talk about the coaches.

I think for many people, the headcoaches of college football programs are Multi-Million-Dollar-Contract-Jobs, where they can do what ever is necessary to win and they are always on the sunny side of life.

Well ... this might depend on the perspective and the program they work for.

First of all, how do you become a headcoach?

The answer to that is "through hard work, time and luck".

Hard Work:
Being a coach in which ever position of responsibility, from graduate assistant to headcoach, is work with heavy workload.
Of cause every coach has room to do the job as he thinks he can do it best and the higher you are in the hierarchy, the more you can plan the time by yourself, but you will have a hard time working a regular 9 to 5 shift.
It is known, that many headcoaches do have 100+ hour weeks by default and it is also known that many coaches do have health issues, because of those workloads.
Still, for most of them, this Job is the Job they always wanted, until the health problem do sum up to the point where the most important question for the next weekend is not how to survive the next game in the chase for a Bowl-Place, but how to SURVIVE the next week and don't leave wife and kids alone, since you got buried six feet under.

Most coaches don't get the call and are headcoaches after a playing career. No, the progress to become one of those big time head coaches on TV is a very long one.
Many start as graduate assistant, earning basically only a little hand money and the university gives you a room and food.
If you can get a regular job as assistant coach for any position, this is the next step and after a while you might get a chance for coordinating a team.
And after a few years as a coordinator you normally get maybe the chance for leading a whole team as a head coach.
The time needed for this development is easily in the ball park of 15-20 years.
It needs a lot of passion to get their.
And a lot of guts, too, since for every stop UP you have to fight against several other competitors who all want the same, step up.

As said, there are a lot of people looking for the next step up and you need definitely more than a good reputation to outrace all the others.
There are a lot off good coordinators, never made the next step, because there was always a hotter candidate in front of you.
It might be, that those were bullshit or did turn out to be only decent, but they GOT the chance, because of what ever reason, and those long time coordinators did not.
Remember that you are also always dependent on the results your students do achieve.
You can be the next Vince Lombardi, if your team did only manage to win 1 game in a season; you have a hard time to convince anyone about your skills.

So now you all did that and grinded yourself to a headcoaching position over 15 years for hard work.
Now you are made for life, right?
Not so fast.

First of all ... did you get a job in the FBS, the FCS or maybe in the Div III?

In smaller colleges it is not uncommon that you have to teach additional classes, since the program can't afford to have a coach ONLY for football.
It depends on the schools and the sport the field, but sometimes you have to give classes or sometimes you are also the coach of the wrestling team or what ever.
And the payment .... expect less that a 6 figure amount of money per year, more likely in the area of 50.000$ annually.

OK, you did better and got a job in the FBS. Hurray!
No you are set for life, right?

Not so fast.

There are 124 schools in the FBS and as I once stated, the money revenue is somewhere between 3 mio. $ and over 100 mio. $ a year.
Do you think the 3 mio. $ schools will pay you a fortune and the players and assistants will do their thing based on discount stamps?

No, of cause not.

Lowest salary for a FBS Headcoach is about 200.000$ a year, but not for all schools such information is available, so there might be less paid headcoaches.

In this context it doesn't surprise that once you are recruited by a big dollar school, the loyalty to your last program is very small.
Every dreamed of a rise of 10 times your last salary? In College football, this is possible.
For a few coaches.

So ... next time you see those TV coaches ... you don't have to pity them, but remember that they (and their families) did put everything they had into the jackpot over 15-20 years, and THOSE on TV did (maybe) get it all back.

I did not find much information about divorces and all other things which could happen, if daddy is not at home for a very long time of a day, but I would bet, the numbers are as bad as those of the once with health problems.

Being a Headcoach in the FBS is basically like being a CEO of a Multi-Million-Dollar-Company, except, those coaches do also have to deal with fans and the press on a daily basis.

If you ever dreamed of becoming one ... be aware that it is a tough choice for job.


This week I have chosen some untypical games, to give some light on the conference racings.

#3 Oregon @ Arizona State
This could be the PAC 12 Championship game test or the Sundevils could be another speed bump in the Ducks run to perfection.
Arizona State is the leading team of the PAC 12 South, Oregon is one of the leading teams of the North division.
Not many had the Sundevils in this position predicted (USC was of cause the team predicted) and we will now see, what is behind those desert team.
I doubt they will really stop the Ducks from winning, but I hope for a good match.
The Ducks will in, and probably big.

#7 South Carolina @ #2 Florida
This will probably decide the SEC East. There is Florida, South Carolina and Georgia looking for the top spot, but Florida is the only unbeaten team and if they win here, there is not much the others can do.
So who will win this?
I think everyone is expecting a close game and the only thing which is unclear is, can the Gamecocks overcome the loss from last week and beat Florida in Florida?
Based on the tough running game of Florida I would lean towards a small "no".
LSU did win at the end also by their running back, so if South Carolina can't stop those Gator backs ...
I expect a close win by the Gators.

North Carolina State @ Maryland
Believe it of not, at the moment are the Terrapins of Maryland the ACC Atlantic leaders.
Now they have to face the Florida State defeating Wolfpacks and I have problems picking a winner.
Yes the Wolfpacks did win against FSU in a close one, but this one is at home in Maryland and the Terrapins might come up as in a lot of games this season, good enough to win.
Still ... I can't believe Maryland did turn around that quick, so I pick North Carolina State.

Michigan State @ Michigan
Yuhu, one of the most interesting rivalries in college Football and we all can expect a hard fought match.
Michigan seems to have the favourite position this year and that is probably only fair.
Still an upset is possible.
What do you think?
I think, it will be not as close as expected and the Wolverine will win this year.
If they do so, they might have to beat Iowa later in the season for the Division win.

#17 Texas Tech @ #23 TCU
Those two teams are right behind Kansas State in the BIG 12 and it might get interesting.
The Red Raiders did win against WV last week and the Horned Frogs did win against Baylor.
Funny thing is, TCU lost only once this season and it was at home.
So who will survive this battle?
I'm not sure, but I'm leaning towards the Red Raiders here.
Not only did they win big last week, no TCU has also lost their QB because of some Arrest and he is leaving TCU.

Louisiana Monroe @ Western Kentucky
This game might decide the Sun Belt Conference this year.
Both coaches did probably get a lot of attention this season and I wouldn't wonder if both might land a new HC spot with better payments in the off season.
But before that, the season has to be finished and THIS game might be the highlight for the Sun Belt.
So, Hilltoppers at home or the Warhawks?
I go with the Warhawks.
I'm still impressed by they play against Arkansas, Auburn and Baylor.
You need a tough QB to guide you through those games and I think this toughness will pay well for them.

‘Til next time


Week Seven FBS Results - First BCS-Rankings

This might get messy.

After this weekend, the first BCS-Standings were released and (although it should have been clear to everyone without that list) it became visible, that we might run into a qualification discussion (again).

The BCS-Standing is for week 7:
RankTeamAverage1Alabama.97612Florida.90923Oregon.89934Kansas State.89635Notre Dame.87746LSU.75227South Carolina.69308Oregon State.68089Oklahoma.666410USC.595911Georgia.498012Mississippi State.484613West Virginia.479314Florida State.427715Rutgers.408316Louisville.406117Texas Tech.357218Texas A&M.337919Clemson.334120Stanford.265421Cincinnati.248322Boise State.197823TCU.137724Iowa State.113925Texas.0640

Alabama got the first spot because they are basically high ranked in every poll, the humans (Coaches and Harris) and the seven computer rankings have them not lower than fifth.
Since the human polls do count as 2/3 of all points and the computer polls only weight 1/3, Alabama got fist.
The surprising second team is Florida.
They are ranked third and fourth in the human polls but receive a lot of first and second place rankings by the computer and get the second place because Oregon is simply downgraded by the computers.
Oregon get the second place votes of all human polls, but their highest computer ranking is third and their lowest is tenth.
And here you can see the power of the computers 1/3 part; they are able to kick you out if they don't like your results.

Why can it become messy now?

The first five teams are all unbeaten and only Florida and Alabama a destined to have one loss for one of those SEC teams, because of the SEC-Championship game, or maybe before that.
All others might get though the season unbeaten.
So who should play the national title game?
On top of that there are also those Big East Teams from Louisville and Rutgers, and one of those might also make it to the ranks of the unbeaten.

Of cause the season is only half through and there are plenty of games left to stumble, but this will only make it probably worse.
The first one loss team is LSU. If LSU beats Alabama they will sky rocket back into the mix.
And because of the love the SEC gets, it might happen that an unbeaten team will play LSU in the title game, while an unbeaten Rutgers team might be sitting out of reach and never had a chance.

There will be a lot of changes in the next 7-8 weeks and maybe it all will work out well, or maybe it will be ugly.

Let's have a look back at the BLOCK OF GRANITE TOP GAMES FOR WEEK 7

#15 Texas vs #13 Oklahoma
Oh boy, what a beating got Texas get?
How do now the Texan people feel?
Got beaten by Oklahoma in Texas by 42 points?
I have a lot of swearing in my fingers I could write right now, how bad Texas played and how ridiculous the Longhorns defense looked, but I will keep that in check, since I don't want to be unfair.
I wonder if Mack Brown, the HC of Texas gets a little heat now?
21-63 -> Jacks Score: 19-13

Duke @ Virginia Tech
It looks like the world got a little sane again.
One quarter it looked like Bizzarro world, when Duke was up 20:0.
But then Virginia Tech did react and 41 unanswered points and let Duke look like the Duke of the last few years.
I'm still curious to see, if Duke will get Bowl eligible...
20-41 -> Jacks Score: 20-13

#17 Stanford @ #7 Notre Dame
I think Notre Dame has an Offense problem and this might let them stubble somewhere in the future.
They barely won against Stanford, at home in OT with two controversial calls.
The first one was flag for unnecessary roughness, which led to the tying score for Notre Dame, but that one was understandable, since Refs have to decide in milliseconds, and not after watching replay after replay after replay.
And the safety of the players is an issue and will get bigger, so I don't blame them for that.
The second call in OT was a disaster.
The Stanford Runningback was pushing for the goalline, was stopped for an blink of an eye and then rolled out of the tackle into the endzone.
Game tying TD by Stanford in OT?
The refs did (that's what they are saying) whistle at the short stopping of the Runningback and at that point the player was NOT in the endzone.
Notre Dame won and Stanford lost.
They had an review on that play, but if really a whistle was blown, there is no chance to overcome that.
Still, some say, there were no whistle ...
13-20 -> Jacks Score: 21-13

#1 Alabama @ Missouri
Alabama showed up and basically stomped the Tigers into the ground.
That was impressive and I think the only thing that can stop Alabama from reaching the BCS-Finals is Alabama itself.
They will play tough opponents the next few weeks (Tennessee, Mississippi State, LSU, Texas A&M and Auburn in the Iron Bowl) and I think the hardest will be the LSU game.
Still, being sloppy only once could mean a loss against one of the other SEC opponents.
And there is the SEC-Championship game.
Can Florida or one other team beat Alabama there?
We will see.
42-10 -> Jacks Score: 22-13

#3 South Carolina @ #9 LSU
So close and it was a wild ride.
The lead did change regularly and at the end it was the LSU defense which broke down the South Carolina comeback tries.
That was impressive and I'm looking forward for the Alabama game right here in Death Valley of College Football.
The Gamecocks did drop some spots in the rankings but still can go to the SEC-Championship game.
They only have to beat Florida in Florida ... Not an easy task.
21-23 -> Jacks Score: 23-13

#22 Texas A&M @ #23 Louisiana Tech
What a game!
LT is real and they will win the WAC.
They will go into a Bowl and there they will probably win that, too.
Why do I think that?
Because the almost did upset Texas A&M. One two point conversion did fail for the OT.
I think when all games are played, LT will be back in the rankings, but they dropped out of it for now.
59-57 -> Jacks Score: 24-13

Some games of interest:

- Arizona State did win big against Colorado and are now 3-0 in the PAC 12. They could win the PAC South, but have some tough games ahead of them.

- Kansas State did win against Iowa State and stay unbeaten.

- Iowa did beat Michigan State. That's why I like the Hawkeyes. They are always good for a punish you never expect.

- Kent State did win against Army and is now 5-1. Unbelievable.

- Auburn did lose against Ole Miss and basically hit the bottom of the SEC. Does a coaching change happen?

- Big East newcomer Temple did beat UConn and are now 2-0 in the Big East.

- SMU did lose against Tulane, which records it's first win of the season. I think June Jones, the HC of SMU has a problem.

- North Carolina did beat Miami to get back into the ACC championship race.

- UCLA did beat Utah and is almost Bowl-eligible.

- Boise State did win against Fresno State, but the Broncos to still lack the offensive power of the past.

- Rice did win against UTSA, their first loss.

- Oregon State is still unbeaten after beating BYU. I'm still waiting for the Beavers blackout ....

- Oklahoma State barely beat Kansas. Looks like rebuilding year for the Cowboys, nobody expected that.

- West Virginia did basically lost all of his offensive power against Texas Tech and did lose BIG.

- Arkansas did win against Kentucky in barely THREE QUARTERS. The game was ended in the third quarter because of a lighting and thunderstorm.

- TCU did beat Baylor and id now 5-1. Not bad for Big 12 newcomer.

- Ohio State was almost upset by Indiana. The Hoosiers are not very known for their scoring power, but were able to score 49 points against the Buckeyes. I think many offensive coordinators will look at that game very closely, now.

- Southern Miss did lose against UCF and is now 0-6! Pretty bad for the defending CUSA champion ....

- Mississippi State did beat Tennessee and is now 6-0 and did sneak into the SEC championship discussion.

‘Til next time


Week Seven FBS Preview - Scholarships

Let's talk about the students, the players.

In the FBS, almost all players do have athletic scholarships.

Some players like Kickers and Punters do often get onto the team as walk-ons, means they did qualify for the team, without a scholarship. It can happen that some of them get later awarded a scholarship, but that is up to the coaches.
Sometimes players even have academical scholarships, which helps the team of cause in a big way.

FBS-Schools can offer up to 85 athletic aids to students in total and each aid, which could be a full or a partial scholarship in theory, do count as 1 FULL scholarship against that cap of 85 in the FBS.
Hence, in the FBS basically all athletic aids for football players are FULL scholarships.

There are some exceptions for some programs, like the IVY league schools (FCS-schools like Princeton, Harvard, Yale and so on, I think you heard those names before...) which do only allow student aids on the same rules as for all other students. So no athletic scholarships there (those normally have lower standards on grades and a lower entry level) which also means, the schools are less competitive, but that’s no problem, since the play in one conference.

Also an exception rule do have all three military schools in the FBS (ARMY, NAVY and AIR FORCE) because ALL students of those academies do receive aids. Their problem is that they can't recruit as normal schools, since there is still that military thing in addition. No very talented player will go to those academies, if he dreams of an NFL career, since AFTER graduation you have to do military service.

But all other schools do offer those scholarships and of cause they find people to fill their roster spots each year.

Players can lose their scholarship because of various reason, most of the time because of money or behaviour.

Players with a scholarship are basically not allowed to receive more (extra) money from external sources and they are not allowed to receive more (extra) money from the institution than a regular education at that school would cost. This also includes not only money, but services, like complementary clothes, cars, or what ever they receive without paying for it.

But often players DO receive extra services, which then often lead to investigations and often the player AND the schools get punished for those actions.

This is a situation many schools have issues in, because if you want to stay competitive, you have to get the best recruits and those often get offers way beyond the legally allowed parameters.

And if not services are offered for the student himself then the family gets additional benefits.

So if you, as an Athletic Director, do decide to not counter such behaviour, you might end up with the medium level athletes, the other schools did left.

This is my personal opinion: I think most big time schools do violate the NCAA rules, and only a few get caught, because of laziness of the students, the coaches or because there had to be a case of "Detection", to give the people in front of the screens the impression, the NCAA does really care.
I think they don't care and they like the way it is.

At the moment, each scholarship has to be renewed on an annual basis. That means, schools can get rid of players every year, without much effort.

That's the main criticism on that actual system, since that way if you are a "bad" players in terms of school rules, or you have a serious injury, you might lose your scholarship, which often means, you also lose the chance to graduate.

There are plans to give multi year scholarships in the future, which are a good thing, but I don't think this will solve the main problems.

The main problems are, that those players get those scholarships under the false impression they are at schools to PLAY.

Yes, they are allowed to play, but the main reason is, to LEARN.

The third stringer of Ohio State did Twitter a few weeks ago something like "Why should we attend classes? We are here to play football, not to play school."

Ohio State is proud that they are regularly in the TOP 10 of all schools regarding graduation.

I'm sure Urban Meyer, the HC of the Buckeyes, had a long and constructive chat with that kid after his tweet and hopefully he learned that he should not talk that way (as a public visible student of that school).

But I think he just stated what many players do think: We are here to play, not to learn and THAT is for me a perversion of the intention of the whole system.

As much as I like college football, this system is broken and needs a fix, because many of these kids do have a lot of problems, once their 4 years of glory at any school are over.

Yes, some of them become pros and the ironic in that is, that also two third of those get bankrupt, once those few pro years are over, too.

Imagine those kid would really intend to graduate and to learn. I think a lot of problems would be solved then.

Instead of unemployed young men, you would have a lot of good educated men who could work efficiently and even start up new companies and would create jobs.

Of cause not all college players do end unemployed and bankrupts, but the numbers are way too high, if you think about it and keep in mind that every year each of those 120 schools do grand 85 scholarships for FREE education for some of the best schools in the USA.


#15 Texas vs #13 Oklahoma
The Red River Rivalry is played in the Cotton Bowl since a very long time and Oklahoma has won the last 2 in a row.
Since 2007 it didn't happen, that BOTH team went into that game without a perfect record, so we can expect a game for inches here.
From my point of view, the Sooners have all the tools to get this done and earn the win.
On the other hand is this since ages a homegame for Texas and they are better than the last two years and Oklahoma is not the same as in the last two.
Hence the expected close game.
I have to admit, I don't like the Longhorns and but I always try to look over this emotional aspect.
Bottom line for me is, I think Oklahoma is better coached and Texas will get a second defeat in the row.

Duke @ Virginia Tech
This is a crazy world.
Duke got some ranking points (3) in the last rankings (not enough to reach the TOP 25, but still some did give them a spot worth 3 points in sum) and VT did not .....
For those of you who are not that familiar with the ACC or College Football in general, here some facts.
Duke record high the last ten years: 5 wins in 2009
Overall record in ten years: 25-93
Last bowl game: 1994 which they lost to Wisconsin.
VTs record high the last ten years: 11 win in 2005, 2007, 2010 and 2011
Overall record in ten years: 102-33
Last bowl game: 2011 which the lost in OT against Michigan
So, now we have a 5-1 Duke team taking on a 3-3 VT team.
If you would ask me for a prediction the last ten years ... well Duke would never get the win.
This year?
I don't know!
Duke did basically beat second string teams at best, VT did lose against second stringer and that even at home.
Will VT lose at home against Duke?
My gutts are saying NO!
But I have doubts ....
So I'm expecting a close game and VT does survive.
Fair? Don't know ....

#17 Stanford @ #7 Notre Dame
This rivalry is also a very old one and Stanford has won 3 in a row, thanks to some Andrew Luck magic.
But this year looks like the series will break.
First of all, Stanford is not the offensive juggernaut they were the last few years.
They don't click in perfect synchronicity and Notre Dame has the best defense since years, maybe ages.
Second the play at home, which will be an additional boost.
And third ... if you win, you get confidence and THAT Irish team is undefeated and beat Miami big last week. So there will be a lot of confidence.
I'm not saying, this will be an easy game, but they will win.
If Stanford wins this game, I will be impressed and will look forward for those Oregon and Oregon State games.

#1 Alabama @ Missouri
This game is for me very interesting, since it will give us all a look at the 'Tide real strength.
You don't think Missouri is an opponent worth looking?
You might be right, but I would never underestimate a Tigers team at home.
Alabama did basically play nobody in the SEC worth a second look this year, since Arkansas did hit the self-destruction button at that time.
Missouri did play Georgia, South Carolina and Vanderbilt.
Yes the lost all those games, and the loss against Vanderbilt is a little bit concerning, but I still believe the Tigers can cause trouble for some overconfident teams.
Maybe Alabama, maybe Florida or maybe Texas A&M ....
I'm looking forward for this game against the Crimson Tide and I think Alabama will get more challenges than they would like to have.
Will it be enough for an upset?
I don't think so, but I would like to see a close game.
So dear Tigers, please bring your A-game and proof me wrong.

#3 South Carolina @ #9 LSU
Probably the best game of the week.
South Carolina has played very well and LSU did stumble.
Now the Gamecocks are the favourite and the Tigers have to win at home for an upset.
Who had anticipated that a few weeks ago?
No one!
For those how think South Carolina will win this ...
Les Miles did only lose twice in a row once in his Tiger-live (2008 at home vs Ole Miss and then @Arkansas) and I don't think he will lose at home in the night, where he has a 34-1 record.
The Tigers will get the Gamecocks drop in the rankings with an upset.

#22 Texas A&M @ #23 Louisiana Tech
Anyone curious for this game?
Me too.
LT is basically the monolith left in the WAC and they will win the WAC with one arm behind their back.
But are they worth a TOP25 ranking?
We will see that against Texas A&M, the new SEC team, ex Big 12.
IF LT wins, see Texas A&M drop deep and LT rise a few spots.
If A&M wins, LT will vanish from the rankings, probably for good for the season and A&M will more or less stay were they are.
But who WILL win?
I can't think of an upset here, sorry.
I would love to see one, but I think LT will lose in a close one.

‘Til next time


Week Six FBS Results - Some changes in the rankings

It was big shakeup of the current leaders.

Some of the destined favourites did stumble over some other contenders or even teams which were meant to be only speed bumps and those losing teams lost their leading position in the polls.

Welcome to another wild week at college football!

LSU, Florida State, Georgia and Texas did fall from grace and it will take some serious losses by those undefeated teams to get back into the BCS-Championship-Game-Picture.

Of cause there are still a lot of games to play and some of those will have almost the same spicy setup as the LSU-Florida- or that South Carolina-Georgia-game but, one thing is sure, if those one-loss teams want to get back on TOP, they have to win and they have to hope for losses for the unbeaten teams.
Sounds familiar at RZA, right? LOL.

Let's see the results in detail for the BLOCK OF GRANITE TOP GAMES FOR WEEK 6

#4 LSU @ #10 Florida
LSU did not play very well in the first half, but did score two Field Goals, and did leave Florida with nothing to work with.
But they did got worn down by those Gator Runningbacks in the second half and did basically collapse on defense, while they still were not able to move the ball on offense.
It resulted in a Gators win an that way, LSU did fall to 9th place in the rankings, while Florida did rise to 4th.
Still a lot of SEC-games left, so don't get to excited, if you are a Gator fan.
6-14 -> Jacks Score: 15-12

#8 West Virginia @ #11 Texas
Again a high scoring game and again did the Mountaineers win in a close one.
Texas is beaten, at home and so the Longhorns did drop some spots (only a few, since they lost against a good team in a close game).
Biggest win for West Virginia, they rose to 5th place and will have, if they keep winning, the waiting seat behind Oregon, since most, if not all SEC contenders will get eliminated one way or another way.
I'm very concerned regarding the non existing VW-defense, if their offense does not work at the wrong time, they will lose big.
48-42 -> Jacks Score: 16-12

#5 Georgia @ #6 South Carolina
OK, it looks like Cocky has some teeth and can bite a bulldog quite good.
This was pure 100% is not enough of Georgia that day. What ever 100% means on gameday.
Georgia was simply not able to make first down, they were not able to score and they were not able to stop the Gamecocks.
You can't blame single players for that, the team of Georgia did lose and the team of South Carolina did win. Period.
South Carolina is now at 3rd place on the rankings and will have to play the same way or better to stay there.
They travel to LSU and Florida in the next 2 weeks and if they are still unbeaten AFTER that, consider them fit to take on Alabama.
Georgia will have a bye week and then an easy opponent and beside the Florida game in the next 3 weeks, the schedule looks quite manageable.
They are not out of the SEC-championship game, but they need to win against Florida.
7-35 -> Jacks Score: 16-13

#21 Nebraska @ #12 Ohio State
Because of the Buckeyes penalties the whole season looks like a prelude for the upcoming seasons.
The Meyer-Buckeyes are already good and they will probably be very good, in the next season and will challenge the SEC big time.
Nebraska did not stand a chance against Ohio State and who every will play in the Big Ten Championship game from the Leaders-Division will play only because Ohio State is not allowed to play.
38-63 -> Jacks Score: 17-13

#23 Washington @ #2 Oregon
Just to make it short: Oregon did win big and Washington was not able to keep up with this.
Oregon still at the 2nd spot and if they do not stumble they will play for the championship game of the BCS.
Biggest games ahead from my point of view are USC and Oregon State, both are away games, so big chances to stumble.
21-52 -> Jacks Score: 18-13

Some games of interest:

- Navy did beat Air Force with a recovered own fumble in the endzone by an offensive linemen in OT. Wild finish .....

- Arkansas did win against Auburn for their first SEC win this season. Who had thought, that could happen? In Auburn?

- Penn State did win against the ranked Northwestern team at home. For me no wonder, but that's how rankings work. They often do NOT represent the strength of teams, more the accomplished wins and losses.

- Temple did win against South Florida for their first Big East win, and South Florida is winless in the Big East. Is the seat of Skip Holtz heating up?

- Army did beat Boston College. Looks like BC has a down year, again.

- Kansas State did crush State rival Kansas big time. KSU now ranked 6th!

- North Carolina did win against Virginia tech, which means, all bets for the ACC Coastal division are open again.

- Stanford did win against Arizona and gains some ground again in the rankings. Arizona is 0-3 in the PAC 12.

- Duke (again ... Duke!!) did win against Virginia and is now 5-1 and 2-0 in the ACC!

- Clemson did win against Georgia Tech and did send the Yellow Jackets deeper in the negative zone.

- Louisiana Monroe did win against Middle Tennessee and does that way gets the favourite role in the SBC.

- Iowa State did upset TCU. TCU did suspend before that game their QB, because he got arrested because of driving intoxicated.

- Michigan did win against Purdue in a big game and did not fall to the strong Boilermakers.

- Vanderbilt did win against Missouri. The Tigers are still winless in the SEC.

- Texas A&M did win a close game against Ole Miss.

- Rice did fal to Memphis ... yes, that Memphis which got beaten until now by everybody except the mascots.

- Notre Dame did win against Miami big time. I was worried, the Irish would lose that one, because they might underestimate the Hurricanes, but they did play strong.

- North Carolina State did win against Florida State in a close game and did that way knock the Seminoles out of the BCS-Championship race.

- Cal did win against UCLA. Nice Upset.

‘Til next time


Week Six FBS Preview - Money, Money, Money

Let's talk about money.

Running a FBS-Football-Program is for many schools a money printing machine.

Some may say it is done on the back of the hopes of young students, not seeing much of a share of this big pile of money. That's true. In some kind.

These players do get not much in return for their playing time, except a full college education worth thousands of dollars.

You might argue that those players often skip classes and even exams, but as far as I know that's THEIR decision.
Fine, the schools often make it very comfortable for sport students to ... let’s say ... concentrate on playing and keep the attending classes low, but still ... THEIR decision.

Of cause there is room for payments to those players but in reality this would only lead to deeper “rich get rich and poor stay poor” structures.

That’s because there are also schools losing money every season for their great football program.

Don't think so?

Here is an article on the 2009 spendings and income of all teams in 2009.
You might miss some schools, but these teams are the newcomers in the FBS in 2012 and were not part of the FBS at that time..

College football elite spend to win

There is also an article analysing the same for 2010.

In college football, money buys championships

There you can see: what's the difference between a program of Florida and Florida Atlantic?

It's not the Coaches and Assistants, the facilities and the students.
It's basically 20 million dollars in expenses MORE ANNUALLY! And much more in Income!

With this kind of money you can lift a school from the bottom of the Sun Belt Conference to the Top of the SEC.

And Florida Atlantic is barely even in numbers regarding income and expenses.
Look at Florida and you see millions of dollars more on income than expenses.

Those two schools are just examples.

But they show exactly the reality of college football.
Be in the big conferences and get more money than needed, be in the smaller ones and live of the leftovers.

That's also a reason why I love seeing small schools winning over the big dollar programs. In that moment it shows, that money can’t buy everything.

These teams are still run by humans and those games are played by humans.

You can buy supposed to be good coaches and can recruit supposed to be good players, but still some of those leftovers are tough enough to come into your shiny football temple and crash the 25 million dollar party with one single game.

Economically, those big dollar schools can't lose. They are well settled and it doesn't happen very often, that a school gets fired from a conference, because the team plays weak, year over year over year.
No Sir, they can play in that conference as long as they want, so the money flush doesn't stop, once you made it.

But on the field the rules are different and that's what I like.

Of cause, over a season, money helps big time.
Better medical services? Better practice facilities? Deeper bench with talented players?
All that and more.
Some assistants on these big dollar schools do earn more than head coaches on smaller schools.
The reason for that is that many of those assistants would be (probably) very good head coaches.
But if you want to keep them on your big dollar campus to get big dollar coaching lessons on your big dollar recruiting classes, you have to pay them good. Sometimes better than head coaches.
Of cause you can't keep everyone.
Some would love to do the next step and become someday the next head coach of one of the big dollar schools, earning several times more money than they would do staying an assistant.
Some just like to run their own team.
And some others ... well, there are a lot of reasons to stay or to move on, but in total the chance to have a better coaching staff is of cause better if you have a deep pocket.

College Football is not much different to a pro football league, except most players don't see much of that money, the schools earn.
But you know ... I like it that way, because it is still a fair deal. Education for Playing.
The only thing I don't like is, that the schools pamper their sport students until their view of reality is totally twisted.

Have I ever mentioned, that 2 of 3 pro players getting bankrupt once their playing time in the NFL is over?
One of the reasons for this is the college football system, fuelled by greedy athletic directors, greedy coaches and of cause greedy students.

I wonder if this will ever change ...

I hope you liked the topic and now let’s move over to the BLOCK OF GRANITE TOP GAMES FOR WEEK 6

A lot of good games this week; I decided to pick the heavy weight games, since there are so many this week.

#4 LSU @ #10 Florida
THIS will be interesting.
Florida did play very good in the last games. LSU has to prove it can beat a contender.
This can easily go both ways.
If this would be in the swamp in Louisiana, I would easily pick the tigers, but the Gators play at home and they have shown some great passion.
I think as few people do favour the Tigers more than the Gators, so I pick the Upset and go with the Gators.

#8 West Virginia @ #11 Texas
OK, we know now that Texas might have won by a blown call last week against Oklahoma State.
That RB did very likely fumbled the ball BEFORE the endzone was reached ...
It does not bring back the win, even when the Big 12 do apologize to the HC of the Cowboys.
Because of the monster performance of WV, they are favour in this game against Texas.
Does this fit?
Remember, they won by one score against Baylor, so the defense was away.
Texas did also won in a close, high scoring game ...
So .. who's firepower is bigger? Who's defense is better prepared?
I'm not sold on the QB of the Longhorns, that's why I pick the Mountaineers.

#5 Georgia @ #6 South Carolina
And another great game.
Yesterday, we had a day off in Germany and I asked myself, of this whole SEC-Teams are ranked high is a self fuelling machine.
People THINK they are good, so they are ranked high. Then they play against each other and win and lose, but because those teams are so high ranked, they don't drop much.
Until the season ends and they start ranked high in the next season ....
Could be, if not those damn Bowls and those non-conference games were there ....
OK, most of the teams are very tough and here two of them do meet ...
If this would be in Athens, Georgia ... Uga would eat that gamecock alive ... (even Uga is a very nice Bulldog and only bits when Georgia is losing ... lol)
But they play in South Carolina and have doubts.
I think Georgia is the better team, but THAT much better ...
Ah damn it, yes.
I think they are more balanced and Uga WILL eat that gamecock Cocky alive.

#21 Nebraska @ #12 Ohio State
I say Ohio State will win this.
Not that Nebraska is a bad team, but I'm sold on the Urban-Meyer-Buckeyes after that win over the Spartans.
I would love to see the Huskers win this, but this is played in Ohio, not Nebraska and it's not easy to win at that sight.
So, quick and easy: Buckeyes win.

#23 Washington @ #2 Oregon
The Huskies did win big against Stanford and can dream over a better ranking.
Well ... this week they will fall from the TOP 25, since the Ducks will chop them into pieces.
So why is it on the list?
Because I wanted you so see this.
Because you should either see the Ducks win against a ranked opponent or see them fall.
Because if they will win those upcoming games, they will probably play in th ebCS-Bowl.

‘Til next time


CHange for season 6 - called Stadium shape

We feel the need to reduce the amount of money a veteran can deal with, and therefore we are going to introduce several new features to achieve that goal. The first one is called Stadium Shape, and here is a copy from the manual for how it is working.

Starting from Season 6 there is a new element, called Stadium Shape. If the manager has the rank of being a "Top Manager", this Stadium shape is going down by 2 percent for every game played at home, that is generating income. The attendance gets reduced on gamedays when the stadium is in bad shape. A Stadium with 0% Shape is reducing the ticket income to 50% - you see this is quite an impact.

You can fix your stadiums shape by going to the Stadium-section. There you'll find a repair-button, and an offer for how much the repair will be. The manager has to pay the amount of $20 per seat, $200 per Executive seat, and $2000 per VIP-Box. The total amount will be reduced by the shape-value. A 50% shape means 50% costs, the numbers above therefore are valid for 0% Shape. All functions are working linear, so the math should be easy. Keep in mind: there is a Onetime Fee per Repair-session, it is $100,000. The repair of the stadium happens immediately on pressing the repair-button.


Week Five FBS Results - More on the coaches ...

Oh boy, what a weekend that was.

But before we jump right into the scoring and the results out of this, I want to give you some extra intel on the coaching changes (I already said that in the forum).

Of cause did not change 9 out of 10 schools their coach in the last 5 years.
I said in "average" 90% of all schools did that.

Well, ok, it were only around 89% (110 Changes out of 124 schools) and of cause some teams did have to change their Headcoach more than once in 5 years, like Tennessee, where Lane Kiffin did just leave, because USC did call, after 1 year.
Or Arkansas State, which had a terrific season with its new coach, but then Ole Miss did call and Hugh Freeze left for the big bucks.
But there are also schools like Akron, where after two season Rob Ianello (2-22, duh!) was let go and a Bowden-Coach (Terry, son of Bobby) was hired. At the moment they have won one game and it doesn't look like they will win another one, but who knowns, they had some close ones up to now.

By the way, Ianello, as former Notre Dame Assistant under Charlie Weis did return under Weis (Kansas HC) as assistant.

Of course there were teams with no changes in the last 5 year and more.

If you just look at the teams with coaches having 5 years or more under their belt at that program, it's 33 Teams with those coaches.
Those are just 27% of all schools in the FBS.
So this is a little bit more than every 4th school has a coach working for longer than 4 years at that school.

Still an impressive number, that 3 of 4 teams changed their coaches once or more in the last 5 years.

Longest reigning coaches at the moment are:
California Jeff Tedford 10
Missouri Gary Pinkel 11
Oregon State Mike Riley 11
Wake Forest Jim Grobe 11
Georgia Mark Richt 11
TCU Gary Patterson 12
Iowa Kirk Ferentz 13
Oklahoma Bob Stoops 13
Texas Mack Brown 14
Kansas State Bill Snyder 20
Troy Larry Blakeney 21
Virginia Tech Frank Beamer 25
Nevada Chris Ault 27

Those are 13 coaches.
All other coaches have less than ten years under their belt.

From this point of the season I would say, only 2 of those coaches might be in trouble, but I don't think they are in serious trouble.
But there are still some games to play ....

OK, back to the last weekend.

There were some really exciting games and my bad; I picked some of my games wrong.
But who cares, since that means something great did happen and that's exactly what happened.

So, let's see the review of the BLOCK OF GRANITE TOP GAMES FOR WEEK 5

#8 Stanford @ Washington
That one I picked wrong, GREAT!
Don't get me wrong, I like Stanford but as I mentioned, I like the underdogs and those Huskies were exactly that.
They did stop Stanford and did enough to win this game.
I wasn't pretty and I think Washington will lose some more games, but this one, they did win fair and square.
Goof job Huskies.
13-17 -> Jacks Score: 11-10

#25 Baylor @ #9 West Virginia
I predicted a close game.
It happened, and West Virginia did win.
That game saw in sum 133 points!
That's almost the amount of the most points scored in a game (136, as far as I could find it).
Where were those Defenses?
I can assure you there were players on both side of the line of scrimmage, but I'm not sure, why those without the ball did play so poor.
Maybe they had a late party the night before ....
63-70 -> Jacks Score: 12-10

#14 Ohio State @ #20 Michigan State
And another game I picked wrong.
I'm not sure if I like it, since I like the Spartans more then the Buckeyes, but OK, those OSU-players did earn it.
It was a very close game and this could have gone the other way.
Looks like the Urban Meyer Buckeyes will bring some heat the next few years.
At least this year, all Big Ten teams can feel save, since OSU is not allowed to play in the championship game and in any Bowl.
17-16 -> Jacks Score: 12-11

Western Kentucky @ Arkansas State
Nice game and it did go as expected.
Western Kentucky will have to find some other team to battle for the Sun Belt Conference.
If you think, the Hilltoppers are irrelevant, fine.
But I'm looking forward to the next few weeks when they play Louisiana Monroe or when they play the Ragin' Cajuns.
Don't miss it.
26-13 -> Jacks Score: 13-11

#12 Texas @ Oklahoma State
That went also close and again Texas did win at Oklahoma State.
Looks like a curse.
Last time they won at home was ... 1997!
I really thought this year could be the curse breaker year, but Texas did win, again.
Now it's 1-7 all time for the Cowboys at home versus Texas.
What a shame.
Texas did win with a controversial call on a touchdown … yeah that can happen.
41-36 -> Jacks Score: 13-12

Wisconsin @ 22 Nebraska
At least this game became a great one, at it was supposed to be.
The Huskers did win this in a close match.
Montee Ball had not much yards, but he scored 3 TDs and helped Wisconsin to stay in the game, but at the end, it wa snot enough.
27-30 -> Jacks Score: 14-12

Some games of interest:

- Penn State did win big against Illinois. Illinois is in rebuilding mode with a new coach, but still, it looks like the Lions are gaining speed.

- Middle Tennessee did win against Georgia Tech. Wow, I never thought that could happen.
The Sun Belt Conference does really hit hard this year against those BCS-Conference teams.

- Kent State did win against Ball State and looks really good this year. Anyone thinking BOWL for the Golden Flashes already?
They were in a Bowl only ONCE, '72 and they had in the last 10 years only one season with 6 win (never more) but were not invited to a Bowl that year (2006).
Now they have 3 win ....

- Texas A&M did bury Arkansas.

- Duke won against Wake Forest. What's going on at the Blue Devils? They are 4-1 and are only win win short of their 10 year high 5 wins in 2009.
Blue Devils winning? Man .. it's a strange world outside.

- Purdue wins against Marshall and is also on for a winning season?

- Georgia did win against Tennessee to maintain their champion ambitions.

- Louisiana Monroe did destroy Tulane.

- Louisiana Tech did win against Virginia. The ARE the WAC-Champions and the WILL be the next ones.

- Virginia Tech loses against Cincinnati. What's wrong with the Hokies? They normally do not lose those games.

- UMass did play good against Ohio, but did lose.

- San Jose State did shut out Navy.

- Boise State did win against New Mexico, but only close. Looks like the Broncos need some more to get back on track.

- FIU did lose against Louisiana Lafayette in a big way, and I'm asking myself, why everyone was so high on the Panthers?

- UTSA (Texas San Antonio) did win against New Mexico State and is 5-0! Not bad for a FBS Newcomer. OK, they played 3 FCS (or worse) teams and also another FBS Newcomer but on the other hand, they started THE WHOLE PROGRAM IN 2010!
Before that NO FOOTBALL and they played the first season in 2011. Larry Croker seems to do a terrific job.

- Oregon State did beat Arizona

That weekend did change the rankings a bit and it's heating up.
It doesn't make sense to get into details, since there are a lot of games left and most of the TOP TEN Teams will have to play against some of the other TOP TEN teams.
It is almost impossible that two teams from the same conference (yes, it happened last year, I know) do land in the BCS-Bowl, so some will drop and some will rise.
The problem is, nobody knows, which team will go up or down, so pointing at some teams now is stupid.
At the moment everybody thinks Alabama is the team to beat.
Let's wait for the LSU game and the Iron Bowl and of cause the SEC championship game.
I can happen that the SEC (six unbeaten teams at the moment) does eliminate itself from the top spots by playing those tough teams week after week.

In the other BCS-Conferences, there are one unbeaten team in the ACC, five in the BIG 12, three in the Big East, one in the Big Ten (+ Ohio State, but they can't compete), two in the PAC 12, and there is Notre Dame (which has an extra rule for the final) unbeaten.

So as you can see, there are at least 19 teams with a good chance to go unbeaten, but most of them will lose one ore more games in the next few weeks.
That's the reason why the BCS-ranking starts later in the season, after week 7.

‘Til next time