Intercontinental Elite Challenge Cup 2 Finals - week 3

The divisional round of our small challenge is over, and the question is: who of these last 4 is able to pull 2 more wins out of the KO games? We see 4 strong teams, and the real unique trophy will have to travel either to Scotland, The Nederlands or to the USA.

At the same time we wave Goodbye to another 4 strong teams. Thanks for your participation, you guys put a fight in here that was amazing to watch.

We wish all participating teams good luck.


Intercontinental Elite Challenge Cup 2 Finals - week 2

The first round was exciting, so was was week 2 of this tournament!

michigan state spartans @ San Diego Blitzkrieg 45:28

We do not know what was going on in San Diego during the last week, but something strange it was. Steve lost quite surprisingly with a margin of 3 scores, at home. This causes the division being open until the next gameday is over. Congrats to spartans, good game!

Inbhir Narann @ Panthers 26:3

Despite all the political fuss at home, the Scottish sportsman was able to pull another win - maybe because he was playing abroad again. The Panthers had no chance in this game. Congrats, Bovakian.

The Notorious Pub Gang 30:13 @ NOtown ~MYST1CS~ 24:27

Close game, tough loss for the "Gang". Now Toni needs kind of a mircacle next week. Congrats, Johnny, good fight.

Utrecht Guerillas @ Cool-Runnings 26:28

Another close game, won by Cool-Runnings. Congrats for this one. Bad luck, Guerillas!

Coming week we will see who will survive the division round, and advances to the half finals of this cup. One of these 4 teams will win at the end, and receive a nice trophy to brag with in real life.

We wish all participating teams good luck.


Intercontinental Elite Challenge Cup 2 Finals - week 1

Yes, the first round of this final tournament for real hardware was played last wednesday.

Inbhir Narann @ michigan state spartans 41:17

Bovakian was able to beat spartans11 at their venue. Some weeks ago spartans11 announced a rebuild of their team, so this result is no big surprise after all - and the ELO prediction of a clear win by the spartans had to fail. On top the cup is running on power mode, where the players on the field are quite equal, and tactics matter. So, congrats go to Scotland for the win, well done!

Panthers @ San Diego Blitzkrieg 17:30

Solana_Steve and his team from San Diego (USA) is one of the veterans in RedZoneAction, and of course he carries a team which is hard to beat. A safe win by nearly 2 scores over Dxh2222 and his Panthers is the result of this game. Congrats, Steve!

Cool-Runnings @ NOtown ~MYST1CS~ 3:59

Oh, the result of this much is much clearer than we expected it. JohnnyAce and his NOtown ~MYST1CS~ made a statement at home. Congrats for the win, and the obviously good preparation.

Utrecht Guerillas @ The Notorious Pub Gang 30:13

Erecura was able to pull a quite clear win over Toni Gorilla. Just another example for the outcome of Power Cup plays. Congrats to Utrecht and their Guerillas, well done.

Upcoming Wednesday we will see round 2 of the very last round of this competition. 64 teams from all over the world were starting last Winter. Now the mentioned 8 teams fight for the real crown.

The Spartans travel to San Diego and face Steve and his Blitzkrieg. Under normal circumstances this would be a nailbitter on the paper. Can the rebuilding team put a surprise on the board?

The Scotsman is fighting abroad as well. Dxh2222 put a nice fight on the grid versus San Diego last week. Only a win of the US boys keeps them in the competition.

The win puts Erecura into the favorits role for the game versus Cool-Runnings. However, the Germans play at home, maybe the spectators give them the push needed?

Toni, with his back at the wall, faces JohnnyAce at his venue. Is Toni able to comeback, or will Johnny secure his lead in the division already?

We wish all participating teams good luck.