Playbook - Activate/Deactivate single entries

You will find a new function in the playbook to activate or deactivate single playbook entries. Just use the circle behind each entry. Please notice: If you copy or export or import playbooks, all entries are active as default. Even if you copy a deactivated entry as example, it will become active in the target playbook, and you will have to deactivate it again.


Position changes

Yesterday we wrote about a change, so you cannot fire players as example within a period before and after a games kickoff. The change of a players position is affected by this change, too.


Changed behavior during game time

We had to change the behavior of some parts of the page, during gametime.

Within the period of 45 mins before kickoff and 15 mins after game end, the following actions are not allowed:
- firing coaches
- firing players
- cancel player contracts
- award training points in the Youth Academy


6th change - ANY ption added for Offense formation in Defensive Playbook

As the subject tells, we added the ANY option. This should make it easier to establish standard actions not related to the Offense formation on the field. This might also help if we add more formation later.

5th change - Grandpas more exhausted after the game

We added another change, out of user suggestions.

From now on, the permanent hit in Physical Condition after a game is much higher than during Seasons 1 to 3, if the players age is 30+. The older he gets, the more he gets hit.

So watch your veterans close, not to miss their extra training on Physical condition. Maybe using training facilities helps too.


4th change - Pickorder and new Formation

As announced earlier we changed the pickorder for defense formations in the engine, to counter the offense pickorder in a better way. This means the engine will pick inside a position group from right to left - if you look at the field from the defense side.

We added two formations, called Goalline O and Goalline D. Both formations should be useful when acting in the redzone. Please notice: the Goalline O formation will never get picked by the engine, you can turn it active by having a matching playbook rule only.

Say HELLO to season 4

The seasonrollover to season 4 was made.

You should now check the "hints" - maybe there is something to negotiate now :)

During last two days we enabled several changes, check the news pls. There are more changes going on, we will announce them as soon as they are enabled.


3rd change - MOTY (Match of the Year)

MOTY is only available in the following games from now:

1.) Regular league
2.) Friendlies
3.) Supercup Division games

This means MOTY is not available in Friendly Cup, Supercup KO round, Supercup Bowl, Champ of Champions, and League Playoff games including the League Bowl


2nd change - as announced, but changed: Stadium construction

Here we go, and have activated part 2 of the changed at our rollover to season 4:

A manager won't be able to build less than 100 seats and 10 executive seats and 1 VIP per construction session, as long as we are not talking about the very last construction cycle to create a full built stand.

We marked the changes bold. In the original announce we were talking about or, and this was just a mistake we had to correct.

First change - as announced: Player bids

As announced already, there is a change on the Transfer market rules, especially on Bids on players.

"A new bid has to be $1,000 or 5% higher than the current transfer price, whatever is higher"

We try to prevent long and boring bidwars on expensive players by this change.


Trophy museum

We added the Trophy museum.

The Museum keeps all trophies not won by the current owner of a team - you may find it on the teams homepage.

There is one problem: for trophies won before 2012-05-03 we cannot tell for sure if the trophy was won by a certain owner, since we did not store any timestamps with trophies in the past, only the number of season. This might result in a wrong sorted museum. If you see such a mistake, just contact us via the Bugs forum. We will fix it then.

And last but not least: This "keep the trophy" thing was subject of a community voting we ran some days ago. While the majority of the community voted for erasing all old trophies from the trophy room, we think it makes absolutely sense to keep them. We are sorry for that "abuse" of our admin power, and we still hope you like this solution as it is now!