Intercontinental Elite Challenge Cup, wave 1 done, wave 2 looking for participants

Last years Christmas we introduced our plan to run another IECC cup, a cup where the final champion gets real hardware, a nice trophy, into his/her hands.

The first wave of 4 qualification rounds was done, and here are the winners:

dxh2222 and his Panthers

JohnnyAce and his NOtown ~MYST1CS~

Erecura and his Utrecht Guerillas

Solana_Steve and his San Diego Blitzkrieg

These managers are the first 4 managers out of 8 to play the final round of our challenge. Congrats, guys.

Now we started qualification rounds 5 and 6, don't miss!


Match of the Day

Yes, there is a brand new feature available on RedZoneAction.org, the multiple awarded Free to play American Football Simulation on the web. It is called "Match of the Day".

Today, Buddy Ryans Styrian Bears will host the T'Pau Vulcans, managed by kevin. We expect a close nailbitter game, since both managers fight for the crown in RedZoneActions most presticous league - so called RZA Elite. Also both managers are ranked quite equally in terms of their managing power, measured by the brand new ELO ranking system introduced a few weeks ago.

Kickoff will be at 6 pm UTC. We invite you and your friends to follow the game for free, even without having a RedZoneAction.org account. The presentation level is "Premium" for all, so you can get a true grip to the game with formations moving live on the grid.

Don't miss!