Result: What do we learn, how much can we achieve?

A month ago we were informing you about a campaign. We informed you about domestic violence, committed by NFL players and relatives, and about ignorance by the officials and the media...

And we offered you a deal! You would purchase a 12-months Supporter account here in RedZoneAction.org and RedZoneClash.org, and we would donate 10 USD out of each single purchase during that 4 weeks, to a well-established NGO fighting against domestic violence and sexual abuse. The NGO we have chosen is Equality Now.

OK, here is the result:

11 managers out of RedZoneAction.org and RedZoneCLash.org were going for the purchase - Congrats and thanks a lot.

As the webpage of Equality Now tells: 100 USD: Helps lawyers investigate potential new cases...


Your teams Hall of Fame

From now on you can award something special to players who retired from active Football, but were an integral part of your team. Each team has its own Hall of Fame.

The Teams Hall of Fame shows players, if the team-owner moved them to the Hall of Fame. Who is eligible? A player is eligible to join the Hall of Fame, if

his retirement was in the past for more than 100 days
there is no other player in your Hall of Fame who retired in that season
the player retired during the time you are the manager of the team
the player was a member of your team while retiring

Be careful, this is final. Once a player is in the Hall of Fame, you cannot undo this move!

And now, make your picks...


New feature: reposition your players, automatically

In the past we had to answer one question very often, especially from new managers: How should I sort the roster, how should I assign positions to my players?

Well, we have the answer now!

In the Players list there is a new option available, so called "Reposition your players". You will have to set a strategy for the sorting, and the game returns a suggested roster. You could then save this suggestion, or adapt it. Of course you can refuse all changes as well. Once you confirmed the changes, the players will find their new positions. All you have to do then is to go to your Depth Chart, and adapt it to the changes made...

We hope, this will make the start of your RedZoneAction.org manager career much easier.

Best of luck!