Result: What do we learn, how much can we achieve?

A month ago we were informing you about a campaign. We informed you about domestic violence, committed by NFL players and relatives, and about ignorance by the officials and the media...

And we offered you a deal! You would purchase a 12-months Supporter account here in RedZoneAction.org and RedZoneClash.org, and we would donate 10 USD out of each single purchase during that 4 weeks, to a well-established NGO fighting against domestic violence and sexual abuse. The NGO we have chosen is Equality Now.

OK, here is the result:

11 managers out of RedZoneAction.org and RedZoneCLash.org were going for the purchase - Congrats and thanks a lot.

As the webpage of Equality Now tells: 100 USD: Helps lawyers investigate potential new cases...

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