Season 27 is there, and withit some smaller improvements arrived

Oh yes, welcome to season 27!

We hope you have set your draft orders, since the first round of our draft is happening soon.

Meanwhile you could check out the playbook. On both offense and defense you will find a distance to goalline setting, which works now based on "any", "greater than" and "lower than". We hope this will make it much easier to create sophisticated playbooks.

The Mediacenter received an "Invite" button, where you could send messages to managers missing to make their pledges. Btw, the early bird bonus payment will happen soon as well, so make sure you "loaded" the Mediacenter of your league.


One last big game...IECC3

Yesterday, two more competitors got eliminated, and so Solana_Steve and Buzziano are not taking part in the cup any more. Let's have a look at the two finalists.

In the blue corner, there are The Red Star Goats, managed by Fincyril from France. In the red corner, from Germany, manager notsch and his Landru Athletics are waiting for the fight. Both teams met once for an official game in the past only. At that time, the Goats were able to win over the Athletics - tough it was a close one, back in Season 24.

Both teams are equal in terms of strength, while the Goats pay a little bit more for their players and coaches. So on coming Sunday 4 pm we will answer the question: will the real unique trophy travel to France, or will it stay in Germany, travelling only around 120 miles...


Purchase a Supporter Account by using Bitcoin/BTC?

Exactly! You could use the hyped virtual money called Bitcoin/BTC to pay for your 12 months supporter account.

Now, if you are not familiar with using Bitcoin or any other virtual currency, forget about this news, and use your usual ways of purchasing items on this Webpage. But if you are a little bit of a nerd, you might find the purchase via Bitcoin/BTC a nice alternative way.

We created a description of the payment process in our manual, the details could be found here: https://redzoneaction.org/football/index.php?page=help&subpage=manual&topic=Bitcoin.

By the way: since we do not have to pay any transfer fees, we offer a discount of 5%, so the price based on EUR is 18.95 only!

Early bird bonus: The first guys to go for a purchase by using Bitcoin will receive 2 extra months of the Supporter account. This offer is limited to the first 10 purchases, based on the arrival of the Bitcoin in our wallet. Interested: go for your purchase now...


You wanna join us, for our annual pick'em game at ESPN, right?


The years before we ran our annual pick'em game at ESPN, and we will do so this year as well.

We created a group already, for more information please join us in the Forums.

The winner if this pick'em - which usually was a close thing at the end - will receive a 3 months supporter account for free, and the runner-up will receive 50 credits.

So don't wait and join us!

Have fun!