The Coaches arrive this night

Only hours from now, we will activate the first stage of the new Coaches application.

This night the first bunch of Head coaches will enter the market. Be sure you have read this: ?page=community&subpage=thread&thread_id=1681.

Chose your first Head coach wise, and keep the penalties in mind if you decide to replace the Head coach.


Mission accomplished

The game is running on the new machine now.

As far as I can see there was everything fine when we moved the database and the web, so I don't expect any issues.

However, if you feel something is going wrong, please use the Bugs forum and tell about it.

Thank you very much!

Downtime scheduled

We are faster than expected :)

Downtime from 22:00 GMT, maybe half an hour....

New server - we are moving :)

Hello all,

this is just an announcement...the brand new server arrived.

It will take some time until I have set all as it should be, so we will not benefit from a high end processor, and much more memory, today. Some patience is needed!

During the following hours I will do the basic setup, we will run some checks on the new machines healthiness too. And I will do all the things needed not to run into performance issues again.

A big cheers for the guys that are supporting me by purchasing Credits and/or Supporter accounts, without your help this wouldn't be possible.

We will u p d a t e you about the progress here in the blog. And as soon as possible we will switch to the new server. This goes along with a short downtime, when we have to move the database from the old to the new server. This will take some minutes only.

During the next hours I will not join the forums on bugs and questions.

Check this news blog for further information.


Introducing Coaches - new generation

We are proud to present the newest idea out of the testing area - so called Coaches (V2). We put the manual online today, and there you may find additional information about the "How are we going public with this", and of course about "How it affects your team".

We hope you enjoy this new feature. Feel free to complain / comment in the forum about it.


Some bugfixes and changes on the engine, even we have midseason

Today I spent some time and found several bugs and minor issues.

1.) There was a bug in the after fumble / after interception calculation. The speed calculation of the attackers (the offense defending against the interception returner / fumble returner) was written in a wrong way. Another bug on the part that catches errors inside the source code made this a hidden bug. However, I fixed it, because it was just terrible, and affected all managers the same way. So there is no advantage/disadvantage from fixing this during the season for any team.

2.) I removed the "depth description" for passes in the play-by-play. I recognized, that at the moment where I put this into the play-by-play I can't really know, how long the pass will be. This caused description like "deep pass for 3 yards". I checked the pass depth described in yards, and it looks good. I am quit sure only the text (medium, deep, ...) was wrong. Until I find a better solution we will stick with the removed pass depth text.

3.) Punt/Field goal settings for bot teams: starting from new season the field goal range will be raised from 35 to 45 yards. This should prevent the bot teams from doing one touchback after the other.

4.) Statistics on fumble recovery: if the offense is recovering the punt, not "recovered by" will be added to the stats from NOW.