ManagementStudio released - manage your roster in a smart way

Today, we make just another milestone here in our American Football game. We activated the RedZoneAction.org Management Studio (RZAMS) for public use.

You could download it from http://redzoneaction.org/football/index.php?page=help&subpage=rzams once you are a registered TedZoneAction.org user.

This application can help you managing your roster. It keeps track of finances, provides a training monitor, helps you selecting the right position for a player and some more.

The RZAMS is free to use for owners of a Supporter Account. Other users can enable it by spending a few Credits. There are two purchase plans available for those users without a Supporter Account. You can enable RZAMS for 30 days by spending 10 Credits, or you can enable RZAMS for 90 days by spending 25 Credits.

For more information, please read here

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