Scrimmage games now available

Here is a copy from the manual:

A Scrimmage is a game where your Offense is playing versus your Defense.

You can have such Scrimmages here in RedZoneAction.org now. Just go to the Games menu, and pick the Scrimmages entry. You can schedule a Scrimmage everytime you wont, with the following exceptions:

Only for the today
Kickoff every full hour, from 3 am on
No more than one Scrimmage at the same time
No Scrimmages when other games are scheduled at the same kickoff time
Each Scrimmage costs 5 Credits...not enough Credits = no Scrimmage

Once you scheduled a Scrimmage you will find 2 buttons for setting the game settings, instead the one you already know in your Games-list. One is for the "Home team", the other is for the "Away team". By this, you can carry different tactics between "Home" and "Away" side of the ball. The player stats are collected the same way, one set for the "Home team", another one for the "Away team". There are no further restrictions. Such Scrimmages don't create any Ticket income or Fanshop sales, they don't influence Moral, or Experience or Team Chemistry or any other skill. Such Scrimmages don't harm your players Physicial Condition. The stats collected on such games don't count in the Hall of Fame or Team-stats.

We hope you fun with that new feature. Might be very well we missed small things left and right of this feature, please donÄt hesitate to tell us your thoughts about it.

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