Credits for Ranking, just another Payday...

Yes, once more you guys pushed our ranking on the page http://www.onlinesportmanagers.com/. We are now at 80.15%. This means, another 10 Credits are on the way to you, since the competition for a higher ranking is till active until end of May 2013. Thank you very much!. By pushing it further you receive more Credits next time, when we hit 80.5%.

How to push it further? Easy:

go to http://www.onlinesportmanagers.com/game-profile/football-140-red-zone-action/
press "Best" to give the game some good rating
press "Play!"
if you like, you could leave a nice comment on the bottom of that page too, might be someone is reading it, and feels he/she has to join the game due your comment

On a side-note : Did you know you could get some more Credits for free? It is very easy to do that. Just spread the word about how much you like the game, by writing reviews in forums, on your blog, on your homepage or even your Facebook-profile. You could include the referral-link. Each visitor that clicks your link and joins the RedZoneAction.org-Community is "causing" some Credits on your account. More details can be found here: http://redzoneaction.org/football/index.php?page=help&subpage=credits#referral.

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