Paint it green...even in Australia!

"Paint it green", they say! And mean celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

Some of you might go for a more religious celebration, others might join the next Pub. Some might go out on the streets and make music or join a parade.

Whatever you are doing today: We wish you all the best, and a lot of fun!

Australia has a quite huge number of people with Irish ancestry. Estimations are from 10 up to 30 percent of the "Aussies"...so they might celebrate St. Patrick's as well. However, please remember our campaign we started a few days ago. The Australian National American Football Team still needs help. They wanna go and join the IFAF Worldgames hosted by USA, and need some little money to fly around the world for playing on the grid. Keep in mind, we are talking about non-pro structures! Now those guys added a lot of likes to our Facebook page and started campaigning on Twitter - so they helped you, dear RedZoneAction.org Managers in gaining Credits. Time to pay back, right?


PS: We sent out a few Credits to each of you. May you use them wise, by playing scrimmage games, or joining a friendly cup.

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