Season rollover, changes Salary structure, Premium Youth Academy

Yep, it took about 3 hours, but went well after all. Welcome to Season 21.

So what do we have now?

Due to the changes of the salary structure for players, we have clarify a few things. For more detailed information please refer to the manual.

A.) Managers not using the HR Department

For you guys there is nothing to do. You might notice, some players are a bit cheaper now. That's it, the new salary structure is active. However, you should consider activating the HR Department, since it can help you to save money, especially if you carry more developed rosters already.

B.) Managers owning the HR Department

We reset all negotioations. If you do nothing, it stays at it was back in Season 20, when you negotiated the salaries the last time. But, you should really consider doing your negotiations again. To do that, just enter the HR Department, and redo the contracts if you like. It could save you a good portion of the salaries. Please notice, you can redo the contracts of your franchise players as well, but if you dislike doing so, nothing changes.

Premium Youth Academy

If you own the highest possible level of the Youth Academy, you can enable "Premium Academy". This causes some serious damage in your bankroll, but rewards your Youngsters with a much more intense training. This will result in faster progress. Check the manual for more details, please.

Have fun, enjoy the game.

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